Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's plan

This morning i have a meeting about planning for an upcoming newsletter. Then i'm helping to stuff envelopes with invitations for a bowling and pizza party. Oh and i get off the bus early so i can get a 40 minute walk in!!

Then it's back home so i can get the bike out to bike to the library (they have a book in for me), the bank, and stop by the dr's to drop off info the hospital wants his dr to have.

Then it's home for a really nice salmon dinner ;) And then i get to relax... maybe!!

At least i don't have to work!


  1. mmmm salmon!

    I'm having salmon this week too :D It's my favourite fish.

  2. Wow! You ahve an active day planned!!!! That is awesome!

    What book????? (ok, only a book lover would ask!)

  3. you are a busy lady AND a reminder that even though Im rolling as a single mama this week I can find time to WALK.