Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goal update

This week i'm down 2.0 lbs bringing me to 138.6 ;)

Well it was a rough week for sure!! However things are going well now. I realize that a lot of my goals this week went out the window but some i still managed to do:

This weeks goals i'm keeping it simple:
1. journal-I actually kept this up, it helped to keep my focused!
2. exercise focusing on speed for walking-unfortunately i didn't manage this but i will be on the ball with it this week!!
3. drink water-i did
4. enjoy life-certainly appreciated every day more than i usually do
5. take lots of photo's especially at the volunteer picnic on tuesday.Did manage to take photo's at picnic, unfortunately the only other picture besides food was of my husband at the hospital.
6. allow myself to accept and enjoy the support and compliments i get on my blog ;)
-when i made this goal i did not think i would be getting the kind of support that i ended up needing this week. But you guys rock!! I felt like part of a family and i've never received so many kind and understanding words as i did this week. Truly love you guys ;)

This weeks goals:
1. journal
2. get back my walking habit and next sunday will be my walking race!!
3. drink my water
4. stop and take time to appreciate every day ;)
5. Take a full body photo to show the difference between now and christmas!


  1. Congrats on the loss! I too lost 2#'s this week and I think a ton of it has to do with being accountable for the written goals on my blog. Glad to see you wrote them down again, I am sure it will be very beneficial. Keep up the good work!

  2. I think you did fantastic this week despite everything you had been through. way to go!

  3. Congrats on your loss! That's awesome, especially for a rough week.

    What was the volunteer picnic for? Who do you volunteer for?

    I love your goal of appreciating every day. Very cool goal.


  4. Awesome WI girl. Keep up the good work.