Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got tagged :-)

I was tagged by Jenn here's six random facts about me:

1. When i eat anything with major sugar in it i'm like a 2 year old i bounce off the wall and never shut up :)

2. I love winter especially going into the woods in the winter, i follow trails that i can't go on (due to swamp like water) in the summer! It's like a winter wonderland. I'll make sure i take pictures this year!!

3. I love having me time! Just me, a book and a cup of tea and i'm de-stressing ;) Not that i don't love hubby and my kids, but i have to have some alone time every now and then!!

4. I love seafood, any seafood bring it on!!

5. I hate people who whine and don't do anything about what bothers them.

6. My husband and i have never had a real fight. We disagree but we've never really got mad at each other and we've been together 16 years!!

I won't tag anyone just because i know some people don't like that, however, anyone who reads my blog feel free to post 6 random facts about you!!


  1. Interesting must be fun to be around you when you are high on sugar! I am with you are number 3 :)

  2. Hubby and I have never had a real fight either, although we've only been together for 7 years. It's nice to be able to sort it all out before it gets heated.

    It was nice hearing this quirky little facts about you. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. These were fun to read. Makes me want to go have tea and a book myself! I don't have a quiet spot in my house for that. I think I will get a little cozy chair for my room, toss a soft blanket over it, and a side table for a lamp and books. Sounds divine!