Monday, October 27, 2008

Okay i admit

that i still haven't done the sewing!! Can we say procrastinator?? And yes i will do it, i swear ;-)

Today hubs and i are off to cardio rehab again, first for the one on one with the dietitian then he has his regular one hour workout. And since i can't do anything while he's doing the workout i think i'll visit staples next door :)

And for my exercise i went on my walk this morning! Everything was so dreary though :(

Tonight i'm making cheesy scalloped potatoes which i got the recipe from sparkpeople and i have a link to it on my other blog. And i was trying to figure out what to do with some skinless chicken drumsticks and you know what i was craving?? Shake and Bake so that's what i'm doing with them, easy peasy!!

Watched Anaconda 3 last night and the only thing i have to say is "don't rent it" :)

So i hope everyone is having a great monday and that it's just the beginning of a great week!


  1. Hubby likes those type of movies but I hate them!

    I'd rather be eating potatoes ;)

  2. I am such a sucker for office supply stores! I can find something to buy each and every time I go into one! :-)

    Ahhh the cheesy scalloped potatoes sound yummy!

  3. The pictures look pretty even though a bit dreary! :)

  4. Ok, Any movie that has the number 3 in it isn;t good. haha

  5. I love the top picture! For some reason it makes me think of England. Not sure why, I've never been there! Maye the overcast sky and overgrown plants? I would love to walk there. My view on my walk is apartment building, parking lot, apartment building, dumpster... :)

  6. Potatoes and Staples. Does life ever get any better? :)

  7. The sky may be dreary but the beauty you have to take your walks in is amazing. I am totally jealous!