Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay i'm doing it again...

Yes i'm going to do the jillian micheals 30 day shred once again, and hopefully i won't be as stiff after!!

I'm also going to bike to the bulk barn to get some spices before the weather is colder and i don't want to do it as much :) I've also just realized i'm so busy tomorrow that i'd better organize hubby's food for tomorrow today so that's one less thing to do tomorrow ;) Luckily i have some chilli leftover!

And to finish off my day i'm going to do some yoga from a book i have from the library, i'm actually liking all the stretching!
Then it's off to two volunteer meetings in the morning before i go back to work at 3:00 pm ;) Talk about keeping me busy!!

On a side note:

After reading other blogs sometimes i wish we could get some the of the products in Canada that my friends can get in the states!! Then again i'd probably not be satisfied with one muffin top ;)


  1. Im in!
    Im gonna try the shred as well....if, as they say, I can get it on demand?

    (on tv I mean. not on my demand)

  2. you are such a busy inspire me.