Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still sick

Well i'm sitting here sneezing, and stuffed up. All i can say is that i'm enjoying my tea today, a lot ;)

I'm still going to exercise before i go to work but i'm not sure whether to go out on a walk or hop on the stationary bike and do some weights.(update i went on the stationary bike for 20 minutes and i did a weight workout ;)

I'm really not a bike person but i can do it when i want to :)

Last night i was up most of the night due to this cold and also forgetting that i never take nighttime cold medicine because it keeps me awake all night! However what i didn't do was eat, i did however make myself and nice hot green tea with ginger slices in it mmmmm....... It hit the spot!

Also it's back to work today :) Which will take my mind off of being sick!

And if anyone is psychic and can you please tell me where my pedometer clip is and i'll send a reward ;)


  1. Hope you feel better soon! But going to work does take your mind off feeling yucky, so that´s good.
    What kind of work do you do?

  2. I hope that you are feeling tons better already!

    If the call for a pychic works...let me know...I've got a few things I've misplaced myself. LOL

  3. my mom always told me to say a prayer to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I said a prayer for you.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. I have a bad stomach ache today so I'm hoping it's not the flu......I rarely get sick to my stomach.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Good job for exercising.

  5. damn you are DEDICATED.

    how you feeling this morning?

    your head? did you sleep?

    maybe take today for ACTIVE REST if the answer to the latter is no :)

    feel better and, alas, ive no psychic powers (and I COULD USE that reward :))


  6. I hope you feel better really soon. I also admire your dedication...look at you working out while sick! Have a great weekend!

  7. Your pedometer clip is still on the pants you wore last time you walked? {You gotta admit it's a good guess.}

    Feel better soon!