Monday, October 20, 2008

Today i....

Went to my walking group and had a killer walk :) Of course since i missed my lunch time at home i nibbled veggies and fruit while walking to the bus after!!

We went to the last cardio rehab lesson and from now on hubs will be doing exercise sessions twice a week and then doing them at home as well. We were really impressed with his stress test results as the only things he's not supposed to do are to start playing hockey and start jogging!! No problem. They even told him he could carry up to 50lbs up stairs :-)

Today is also the first day of my weekend and of course i'm planning a nice meal tonight. We are having our favorite steak tonight!!
Tomorrow is when i do my speech!! And then i plan on coming home and relaxing with the hubs while watching the new bond movie ;)

And yes i took some pictures today, you'll notice the first two are much sunnier that's because i took them yesterday.


  1. Sounds like your husband is doing great! I'm so glad!!!

  2. You must feel so much better knowing that hubby is doing so awesome ;) Enjoy your dinner together and good luck with the speech tomorrow :) Get lots of rest :)

  3. Very nice pictures. I sorta had a meltdown today about my eating and weight. You do a great job of planning for the week. I must do that myself.

  4. I wish you luck with your speech today! I am sure you will do great :-)

  5. Sounds like hubby is doing so well!

    And I love the pics!