Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Well this morning i was very happy to see that i was down -.4 this week!! I'm edging ever closer to goal ;)

Today it's pouring so i'm going to get my exercise in on the stationary bike.

Update on last weeks goals:
1. Really try to eat clean this week. Be able to stop and make a decision whether this is something i really want to eat or not. Will it do good things for my body etc...(I have worked on this but not as much as i would have like to, i'm going to give it another go this week :)
2. Keep on walking.(definitely got my walking in although on bad weather days i hopped on the stationary bike)
3. Get my speech over and done with :) I'm a little nervous about this!! Can u tell??(speech went well and i'm glad i did it)
4. Don't beat myself up. Pick myself up and keep on truckin'(I'm getting better at this as really there's nothing you can do about the past you just have to pull up your socks and keep going)
5. Take some pictures on my walks as i love doing this and pretty soon i think we'll see the white stuff!!(Yes i got some nice pictures this week)

Goals this week:
1. Increase my exercise this week!!
2. Not focus on the scale as much this week, focus more on just looking after me :)
3. Get a couple weeks of menus made up, this make it much easier for me to do my grocery shopping etc.
4. When i get home with all the fresh veggies cut them up and put them in the ziploc veggie bags as it's so much easier to grab them for everyone when they are all ready for you!
5. Focus on one good thing about everyone that i meet, instead of being critical of people!!

Here's to another good week :-)


  1. I love your list, and am going to try to do Nr. 2 & 5 as well.
    Have a great week!

  2. You are doing awesome! Great job on your loss this week! Keep it up! :)

  3. looking after you sounds like a real good way to go for the week!

  4. You are so positive! I bought a ton of veggies for this week. I need to bag em myself.

  5. congrats on another great week!

  6. You are doing great. Congrats on the loss! Sorry, I haven't visited in awhile.

    I think we are all bad about beating ourselves up...the human condition? The good news is that you have no reason to beat yourself up.

  7. Congrats on another great week! I'm trying to do #5 I can be a little too critical. I done #2 last week and the scale was down this week yah me!

  8. Fantastic week! Stay strong keep it going!

  9. Looks like another great week!

    Your #1 on last week's goal is a big key to success, IMO. Being mindful of what you're doing (and what it's doing to you) is so important. Major kudos to you for trying to figure it all out!!

  10. Great goals! Definitely don't beat yourself up.

  11. Keep it up! You are doing great! Love the goals for the week!