Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goals

So as you know i didn't have the greatest week this week as far as clean eating goes!! I'm not worried about it but i really didn't want to step on the scale this morning, so i didn't. I decided to wait until next week to weigh in. So this week i'm putting myself down as no change.

As far as last weeks goals:
1. keep up the walking, i'm loving it!-I have been walking a lot this week and i feel great!
2. look for some new recipes to try.- I came across a few new recipes this week: feta chicken pasta, maple raisin pumpkin bread, english muffin bread, cranberry apple oatmeal :)
3. Get some weights in ;)-I did weight 2 days this week so i accomplished this one!
4. Doing some sewing that i've been putting off for ever.-Nope still haven't done this one but it has to be done before Jenn goes to Holland!
5. Try some new yoga moves-I did some really nice stretching moves this week nothing new really but still good.

As far as this weeks goals:
1. Really try to eat clean this week. Be able to stop and make a decision whether this is something i really want to eat or not. Will it do good things for my body etc...
2. Keep on walking.
3. Get my speech over and done with :) I'm a little nervous about this!! Can u tell??
4. Don't beat myself up. Pick myself up and keep on truckin'
5. Take some pictures on my walks as i love doing this and pretty soon i think we'll see the white stuff!!

Here's to a great week for everyone!!


  1. Goal number four is going to be my personal mantra this week!!!

    I personally think YOU are doing great! Keep on truckin'!

  2. sometimes thats just the best way to do it. I also did not have a very healthy eating weekend and am dreading the scale tomorrow. but, it happens and we can just focus on making the next week a better week.

  3. Way to go on accomplishing your goals from last week!

  4. Good for you, Suzi. You're being kind to yourself, and I think that's great.


    especially number four as that will entirely totally and wholly all you to kick a** on number three!

  6. Fantastic accomplishments...making fantastic strides!

  7. Here's to clean eating!!! Your new recipes sound yummy ;) And great job deciding to give the scale a break......after all, you are in control, not the scale ;)