Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What do you do

when you invited to a dinner and you don't know what will be served?? Go with the flow says i :)

I refuse to stress over things i have no control over. Now don't get me wrong, i will make the healthiest choices i can, but beyond that it's out of my hands. And i won't starve myself because they're not serving the right foods!!

On top of that i probably won't eat much because i'm nervous about having to speak in front of strangers. Although i thank everyone for their well wishes on this ;)

How do you deal with this??

As far as healthier lifestyle choices go, i feel as though i'm back in the flow of things! I'm eating well, i'm satisfied and i'm not stressing or obssessing over every little thing. I 've also had the pleasure of being able to chat the last couple of days with a fellow blogger and that has helped me as well!!
You can never have too much support :)

Well i'll update how the speaking went tomorrow as i'll probably be back late tonight!! Here's to a great day for all my fellow bloggers.


  1. the first 2 months I ate before and just picked at the dinner. Now, I eat whatever there is in small amounts but I drink a protein shake before going so I won't be tempted to overeat :)

  2. I do the same...just let it go and eat what I enjoy and dont fret but that which I DO NOT LIKE (and would only be eating 'to be nice') I try to eat little of.

    I spent too many years gagging down calories for the sake of being nice :)

  3. I love your attitude of going with the flow!!!!

    I would be nervous too about speaking in front of people. YIKES!