Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whoops i did it again...

Last night not only was i short one person but we were twice as busy as usual!! By the end of three hours i was ready to go to bed and collapse. It was crazy and stayed that way for the most part all night!! By the time i got my breaks they were nearly an hour later than usual and i was stressed and tired. So what did i do?? I ate, and ate and of course working in a coffee/donut shop there is any junk there pretty much you could ever want.
Now normally it's very easy for me to not eat anything there! However last night i ate what i took for dinner. Looked down at eat and said you know what i'm still hungry and i'm going to eat.

So i did. Now i'm not angry at myself because it's over and it's done with. I know it'll show up on my weekly weigh in but hey, i'll get over that and move on.

So now it's back to plan. However, i really want to try to eat to live and not live to eat. Sometimes i admit i just love to eat and maybe a little too much!! Something to work on, maybe.

So for today i need to get to the bank which is quite a distance from here so i'll take the bus there and walk back. Then i'll have lunch and once again get ready for work. Thankfully they gave me 2 more people to work with tonight than last night :)

Hope your all having a great weekend!


  1. you do such a great job working around all that yumminess you need to be commended for THAT!!!!! It's inevitable that now and then, you will have a major craving for something! It may not show up on the weigh in. Maybe the increased calories will jolt your metabolism and get it burning like crazy :)

  2. Stress is a hard thing to deal with especially when its work related. Great NSV for not being upset with yourself and with coming up with a plan to get in some execise.

    You're doing great!

  3. During labor day weekend, we at at tim hortons for DINNER! Because that was the only thing open that we could find at 1:30am when my friend's game was done. *sigh*. The soups they had were not bad...

  4. You're attitude is spot on.

    Move on, don't dwell.

    Today is a new day! x

  5. You work in a DONUT shop? Oh my. How do you do it?