Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another busy day!

This morning i'm off to buy crafts for a craft afternoon we are doing where i volunteer. We are going to paint christmas ornaments that they can take home :)

But first i had me some oats! And not just any oats but chocolate, banana, peanut butter oats :)

Then i have an editorial meeting for the newsletter!!

Then i have to finish stuffing envelopes that i didn't finish yesterday :)

Oh and did i tell you i was slowing down in the new year?? lol


  1. I think I love you!

    Chocolate, peanut butter AND banana???? Sigh.

    Must.have.recipe :)

  2. and would we even recognize you and your SPUNK if you slowed down??

  3. What a coincidence--I'm getting ready to have chocolate/peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast! :)

    Have a great day! Don't forget to breathe.

  4. Sounds like another busy day. I can't wait to hear about all the crafts...sounds wonderful.

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  6. oh my word. I do banana and oatmeal...and I was blown away by your oatmeal and peanut butter thing. Now let me tell you...I love peanut butter on bananas...and I adore chocolate on banana.......but to put them all together...it just sounds better and better!