Friday, November 28, 2008

Another first :)

I made faux mashed "potatoes" i.e. cauliflower and i admit i took a nibble to try and mmmmmm they are good!! They are for my dinner at work tonight :)

Any other good food finds i'm missing out on?? Enquiring minds need to know :)

Changing topics, i'm feeling very rushed today! No time to really do what I want to do. I need to go to the bank this morning, stop at the store because i just bought some supplements and realize they are expired!! I'm going for my flu shot before i go to work. Need to get all my food ready for the day and hubby's food for the day. Get myself ready and then be out the door to work!! Oh my goodness :( And i can't even think about being able to get out on a nice walk!!

However, after this week things are slowing down. I have no more meetings until after christmas, and i need to do a little more planning in advance to save me days like today :)

Uh oh, i just realized that i usually have my menus planned at least a week in advance and today's the last day i've done!! Guess what i'll be trying to figure out on my breaks at work tonight :) At least it will save me some time tomorrow!!

Have a great day all i really have to go do something!!


  1. I printed off that recipe too. So glad to hear a good review. I think I'll be making it this weekend :)

  2. What do you do to the cauliflower to make it take the place of mashed potatoes?

  3. I made the mashed cauliflower for the first time this week, too!! I thought it was great!

    Probably my favorite way to eat cauliflower is roasted.

  4. I'm a big fan of cauliflower. Sometimes I mix cauli and potatos together for mashed potatoes.

    Love the winter look of the blog! Hope you get your meals planned and through your busy time. :)

  5. glad you liked the faux taters!

    For some reason they were an acquired taste for me. the first time I kindasorts gagged em down but now they are a MizFit Staple!

    (love the new snowy look!)