Wednesday, November 19, 2008


O.k. my hubby has gone mad :-) He decided to try to cheer me up after my daughter left by surprising me with this!! Sorry about the blur :)

You get the idea. And actually it did make me smile ;) So i guess he had the right idea!!

Today is going to be spent cleaning until i have to go to work. Fun, right??

But not until i've eaten brekkie and had my cup o' tea :)

Not outdoor photo's today because i'm doing a weight routine!! Got to build those muscles, you know :)
Here's to another great day!


  1. Awww love the Christmas Decorations. What a great surprise. Have fun cleaning, and hope you have a good night at work. Breakfast looks awesome as always.

  2. What a sweetie! You picked a good one.

    And your breakfast pic makes me hungry!

  3. PS My my are you skinny! Congrats on hitting a new low. :)

  4. awww.....Christmas ;) and your breakfast looks yummy!

  5. I think the Christmas tree is an awesome surprise!

    Mmmm. Breakfast looks yummy. How'd the weights go? I've been working on a sculpting routine. Exhausting and tough, but it's working. So, guess I shouldn't complain, eh?

  6. Awesome surprise! A great show of love for you!
    Yeah for the weights!

  7. I'll miss that tree! I doubt that we will be getting one. But I did receive some cute xmas presents from someone from LJ :) So I will have something to open :)

    I tried to make pancakes today from the boxed stuff....TOTAL FAIL! hahaha
    But they have a bunch of cool dinner in a box stuff (I made tikka masala :)

    And omg, I can hear church bells all day! LOL Can't wait to get a job ;)

    Off to the thursday market now! We should talk on skype soon. Maybe on the weekend...

  8. We wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate but I've seen people around our neighborhood with lights and outside decor up already.

    Your breakfast looks yummy, I'm just going to reach through the screen and steal it...don't worry, I'll wash the plate and put it back when I'm done ;-)

  9. Tree up already! Now the question is, who has to take it back down after?
    I think it is great!

  10. Awww what a sweetie pie for doing that for you! :0 OK tell me what you were eating? That looks great. :)