Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let it snow. let it snow, let it snow

and snow it did!! And snow and snow :) In fact last night at work we are all watching it come down and i'm getting really excited because i'm going to got for a walk in it today and everyone kept telling me how crazy i am!! But you know what, you see these pictures, and it's all worth it :) (Especially the bunny tracks:)

And to get me all fired up to go out i had this today: Kashi honey almond flax, fibre one, bran buds, soy milk and banana ;) What more does a girl need??

How is the food thing going lately?? Really well, i've pretty much been sticking to approx 1,200 calories or 21 points give or take and eating clean. And the result is i'm much less stressed and feeling good!! Sometimes i just try to figure things out too much! For now not worrying too much about #'s of protein etc is working for me.

And exercise?? Is great!! I'm getting my walking it, i'm doing weights and i'm feeling strong. Now if only i could come up with a weekly weights workout plan all would be even better!! Any ideas??


  1. You are not crazy at all! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to walk in the snow! I'll go during the snowstorm and after!!!

  2. now I want snow! It was cold here today....only 39 but it was so windy it felt like 20 and tonight it's supposed to get down to 16...brr!

  3. I love being out in the snow. We so rarely have it here. Sigh.

    Here's a link I found recently for an exercise program I'm going to start doing at home:

    There are different exercise challenges every few days.

  4. Thanks for the photos! I haven't seen snow in years! I'd love to let my dogs run around in it for a few hours.

    It looks so peaceful and so beautiful!