Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekly weighin and goal updates

Well my weigh in saw me at +2.0 not pretty but not such a surprise!! So i'm at 134.8 Oh well besides not exercising i had a good week, just stressful :( And i have absolutely no doubt that it will be gone next week!!

Did you notice i didn't post many walking pictures this week?? Because i wasn't doing it!!

As far as last weeks goals went:

1. I love the discipline and consistency words and i'm applying them again this week :) Well unfortunately this kind of went out the window this week :(

2. Do some more weight training and one of these days get a weekly program worked out!!Unfortunately this just didn't work out this week and although i'm sad i didn't get more in, it was a really busy week and truthfully kind of a crazy week. But after tuesday this week things should settle down :)

3. Exercise at least 5 days!! I'm embarrassed to say i only got one day in!!

4. Keep making my food interesting, that way i'm not looking for anything else. Now this one i did :) And i really enjoyed some of the different things i've tried this week.

5. HAVE FUN!! The most important thing of all :0) Wish i hadn't been as exhausted this week and just relaxed more!!

This weeks goals:

You know i did have good goals last week so i'm going to try them again this week and hopefully i will have better results!! Try, try again :) And no i didn't pick the same ones just because i couldn't think of any new ones !!

1. Discipline and consistency!!

2.Get some weight training in :)

3. Exercise 5 days this week.

4. Keep trying new things with food!

5. This week i'm determined to have fun!! First with cranberries on monday, i'm making i believe 13 bags of cranberry sauce. And most of all at the christmas party i'm helping to organize on Tuesday for over250 people and yes there will be lots of pictures!!

So here's to a fun and healthy week :-)


  1. Oops about the gain but at least you know what you did. And changing your food habit was a great accomplishment. I love that your goals are weekly. I should try that. My goals are always so long term and so difficult to measure. Homemade cranberry sauce? Sound divine!

  2. You did have a very busy week!
    I didn't get all my walking in this week definitely aren't alone :)
    I love homemade cranberry sauce & it's so easy to make, too. Love the colour.
    I've started listing my goals for the week too. It's really helpful to review at the end of the week & it gives focus to the coming week.

  3. Im expecting a gain as well, so dont worry! you still had a great week.

  4. I'm sure those 2 pounds will be gone pronto! The goals sound great and doable!

  5. Not bad at all for such a stressful week! I'm betting you'll get it back on track this week!