Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And how awesome is this guy??

This is my hubs :) 

He's come along way this year. In September he had a heart attack and found out that one of his arteries was 99 % blocked!!

Here was a guy that already exercised, ate relatively healthy and took pretty good care of himself!!

However he was shown how to exercise with an added focus on his heart rate, told exactly what he needed to eat and told he should lose a few pounds!!

So what did he do?? Exactly what he was told to :)

I get his food ready for him everyday and in his words "when it's gone it's gone". He has actually started to do a bit less cardio as he was actually doing too much!! But now he's doing quality cardio now. And to top it off he's lost 23 pounds since coming home from the hospital and is down 48 pounds from his all time high weight!!

Hon, i'm just soooo proud of you!!


  1. Really, could you be any prouder of the guy? I bet he's made all the health care providers proud,too. Not everyone they see follows their advice & it must be refreshing to have a client who gives it 100% effort!
    I bet hubs is proud of you, too, Suzanne! He's lucky to have a partner like you to take care & love him <3
    Congratulations to the both of you and I'm so relieved that everything turned out for the better!

  2. BTW, it's snowing here...again :)
    Rain predicted for tomorrow evening. I hope it doesn't all melt away for Christmas.

  3. That is amazing, what an inspiration!

  4. Awwww! That's freaking cool! Hooray for the kick-ass hubby!

  5. That's a great story! I'm a sap for happy endings. :)

  6. I am so happy for both you and your hubby! You guys seem like an awesome team :-)

    btw Thanks for the link and mention in your blog! I hope you guys are having a great weekend!


  7. Great job hubby! You guys are so darn cute!!!

  8. You ask how awesome is he? I'd say totally!

  9. Hubs cannot believe how many kind comments were left on this post!! Thank you very much!!
    p.s he also said what great blogger friends i have :)

  10. It is so nice that you have the support of each other.