Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A challenge!!

Following in my friend Katschi steps who was following Mark i took the staircase challenge this morning.
One thing i found was that it didn't take long :) which is also a nice thing. The other thing was that it wasn't easy. Now that could be because i have arthritis in my knees, but i've never let that stop me!!

So off for my stairs i went. Mark is doing 50 sets of stairs!!!!! I made it 10x :) But it was good, it was out of my usual exercise routine and i enjoyed doing it. Although maybe the hubs thought i was a little crazy.
Update: went and did another 10 sets!! I think that's about all the knees can take today :)

Can't wait for Mark's next challenge :)


  1. Good job on the challenge. 20x is awesome.

  2. Wow - my quads and gluts hurt for you! Way to go!

  3. Yaaay for you! That's really great!

  4. Great job! Those stairs are tough! Way to go! :)

  5. Suzi! It's not easy, is it? But doesn't it hurt so good? Well, maybe that's going toooo far ;)
    Great job on doing 10 X MORE!!!
    yes, the poor knees. My quads are killing me right now :)