Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas finally got to me

Well i've been so gung ho, managing to stay away from the goodies, the extra goodies etc... till last night when my little hands found there way into this:

But it's over and done with and hopefully that will do me for another year. I have to admit poppycock is one of my downfalls!! And yep i enjoyed every bit of it :)

So today my plan is to drink my water, go for a walk and enjoy my day! Because my plan is to lose over christmas not gain :)


  1. Your plan sounds great! I am just luck the guys would have it inhaled so fast it would not be here long enough to tempt. One of their favorites also.

  2. Great attitude! These things happpen.

    Your walks look great. I enjoy your pictues. :)

  3. This stuff IS good!
    Meh, it's once in awhile, no biggie :) At least you enjoyed it & now it's out of your system.