Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm back on my daily nosh :)

I took a couple of days off of taking pictures of my food, i'm not even sure why. I wasn't particulary eating too much i was just tired! 

I think having our first christmas alone overwhelmed me. I'm o.k now i promise :)

So if you read my other blog then i'm back!!

Does anyone else have total ice on all their sidewalks!! Please be careful out there.  I hate walking when it's like that, thank goodness the woods are usually a little easier to walk in :) So this morning i'm taking a walk in the woods.

I need to get back in the normalcy of exercising, lately i've had to make myself do it, usually i know how many times i'm going to exercise and just do it! Most of the time i enjoy it immensly and even when i don't i  Just Do It :) Definitely need to be feeling like that again!!

The other thing is that last night at work i almost felt like an addict trying my hardest to ignore anything made with sugar!! It was sooo hard  :( I just hope i can stay away from it again tonight!! At least i have the next 3 days off away from it.


  1. We had ice yesterday but today it seems to be melting away. It's alot milder here this morning than it has been. You have to be super careful out there.
    Oh, gees. I've had to really fight eating too much the past few days. It helped to get rid of every morsel that's not on my eating plan. I ate an extra meal last night of turkey & an apple & that fixed me up.
    I saw your comment on MaryFran's blog where you said "sugar is my crack" and I HEAR you!!! I act just like an addict around anything sugary. Eating healthy has helped immensely to get rid of the cravings for the most part but if I SEE the cakes & donuts & such & SMELL them...well, it's too much. I wonder if it's just part of our cycles? Some days I could care less if it's right under my nose.

  2. I remember the slippery sidewalks and stairs of winter...don't miss those! :) But the walk in the woods sounds like a lot of fun. :) Glad to be past Christmas, it can be a bit stressful and if not careful a time to over indulge in a lot of ways! Ready to get back to "normal", whatever that may be.

  3. the ice is awful! I almost fell last week!

    Most working out during the winter will be inside for this mama :)

  4. I hear you about the exercise! I need to get on it again too!

  5. I'm glad you are feeling back to normal. :-) I always love the pics you post of your walks, so peaceful looking.

  6. Good luck on Karen's challenge--I'm a WW lifetime member and firm believer in the program.

    It is so warm in Windsor today that all the snow piles are melting rapidly (I can see my grass again ;)

  7. Nice to read a blog without pictures that make me want to go eat. hehe. Good luck in the New Year!

  8. I need to get back to exercising and I don't even have ice to blame for avoiding walks. I'm glad there are so many of us doing the 6-week challenge. The support of the weight loss blog community is awesome.