Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm excited!!

For those of you who are new to reading my blog, i do a lot of volunteering for people with mental health issues :) Tonight we are going for a walk through the park to see the "lights"!! And afterwards we are having hot chocolate and cookies (sugar free versions of both as well :) I can't wait. Hopefully some people will show up  :)

And we are already planning a spring bingo next!!

Today i'm either going to go for a walk in the snow or if there's no snow i'm going to do the weight watchers workout video :)  Got to move somehow! (update-no snow so i think i'll do an inside workout)

Got to remember my favorite words: Discipline and Consistency

How is your day going??


  1. No snow here anymore also. It all melted and then froze tight. But lots of beautiful sun which is nice. Bet there will be lots of people it sounds fun!

  2. Wow, that's awesome! Hope you have an awesome time, and stay warm!!

  3. Enjoy the workout!!!! I always like how refreshed I feel after a good workout!

    Good luck with your christmas lights walk tonight!!!!!

  4. Hope you have a great walk tonight!

    My day is going well thanks! I did my lower body workout and then went to the gym and did some cardio. I do love getting it out of the way in the morning!

  5. You walk tonight sounds lovely. :-) I hope you have a wonderful time.

  6. Our snow is melting...Luckily, we're due for more tonight. I can't wait. (Can you hear the scarcasm in my typing??)

  7. All of our snow melted. Yaaay!! We were almost 40 today, so I needed no winter coat. It was balmy ... LOL

    Can't wait to hear about your walk!

    I did my sculpting and aerobic workouts today - planning ahead for the days I'm busy this week.

  8. All the snow melted and tonight we're supposed to be getting 5-10 centimeters. More shovelling workouts for me!

    I wish for you a wonderful new year and all the best in achieving your goals!

  9. Those are GREAT favorite words to have!