Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's getting harder!!

Last night at work, on the table where we take our breaks and eat our meals, sat the biggest box of Lindor chocolates you've ever seen!! This is just the beginning if this year goes the same as last year!!

So while i'm sitting there eating my nice dinner i'm bombarded with images of chocolates and soon they will be joined by cookies etc.... So what did i do?? I moved them during my break and put them back after!! And not one passed these lips :) This time at least.

Home is easy compared to work! Not only do i touch and sell candy cane donuts and make hot chocolate with whipped cream and candy cane bits on top but on my break i have to see even more.

Now i know myself pretty good, let me tell you. And for me there's no such thing as i can have just one!! No sirre bob. It's either don't touch or watch out here i come :)

Thankfully my christmas parties are over so i don't have to deal with that as well and as for christmas day?? It's just my hubby and i so i think we'll have some turkey breast and the trimmings and a glass of wine and a pile of movies :)

How do you guys deal with the christmas temptations?? Abstinence or do you just go for it??


  1. I love Lindor´s chocolates and would probably not have resisted.... Good for you!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I wish I had an sure fire answer to get through Christmas 100% OP. I've been through 4 years of WW/Christmas and always struggle.

    I will treat myself but it will only be a meal (instead of a week). Like this coming week I have DBF's work party. I will be OP all week fully knowning that the party will be my treat. Come Friday I will workout, I will be OP the whole day and then I will party my butt off. Then that is it! Come Saturday morning I'm right back at it.

    My problem with Christmas is that once I start I won't stop. This year I am picking my "treats" and then that is it.

    Does this make any sense?? LOL

  3. I do a lot of avoidance. I have no baking at home and don't plan to do any for myself. I did buy the ingredients to make Almond Roca to take to work but beyond that I'm not planning to do anything else.

    I know there will be days with poor meals ahead... pizza at the kids party today, potluck at work... but I'm planning on being prepared for them. If I watch what I eat the rest of the time I should be okay to deal with a couple of not so good meals.

  4. Good for you for resisting temptation!!!
    If I start in on the sweets, I'll never stop so my strategy is also avoidance.
    It just isn't worth it anymore. It's hard to lose the extra weight we have on our bodies now why add even more work for ourselves.

  5. I am so proud of you! Look at how strong you are...around chocolate no less! I face a ton of similar temptation at the radio station I work at there is always someone dropping off free food.

    All the other djs now take the food out of the studio before I get there because they my friends and know that I dont need the temptation.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend and keep up the GREAT work!

  6. No matter where I go, Japanese meals always look beautiful, presentation is a huge thing here.

    As for temptations, I'm an absolute avoider. I know that I can either not eat, or eat everything. If I'm choosing to eat everything then OK, that's a choice I can make, but I'm either entirely on the wagon or entirely off it, I can never find a middle ground.

  7. I can't fight it, but I still track everything and I'm sure I eat less because of it.

  8. for me it is all pick and choose.

    choose only the things I like, yes, but also the things I know wont make me want moremore. those lindt chocolate balls? if I eat one I know I want 6 :)

    so I need to START the first with that in mind and remember that the holiday season is not all year long and it's OK TO PLANNED TREAT.

  9. Good for you! It is hard to resist those. This will be my first holiday season on WW. I'm curious to see how I do!

  10. Way to go! Brilliant move to get that stuff away from you while you ate.

    Avoidance is what works for me. If I start eating sugar, it's hard for me to stop. I'm committed to eating clean and want to eat this way permanantly.

    Oh, and, like you have said on my blog...I fall short of my diet being totally clean. I still put creamer in my coffee! :)

  11. Glad you resisted. This time of year is so hard. All the goodies come out from the wood work.