Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've made my choice :)

O.k remember i said i was getting frustrated with all the different things out there?? Well one of those things was that i've been using unsweetened silk soy milk and i thought, you know everyone seems to be using almond breeze which is 1/2 the calories!!

So i decided to give the almond breeze a try! Why? just to cut down 40 calories a cup!

What did i find out? I like the silk taste better! Not only that but the nutritional facts are better:
silk                                            Almond breeze
80 cals                                      40 cals
4 g fat                                        3g fat
120mg sodium                         180mg sodium
300mg potassium                   190mg potassium
4g carb                                      2g carb
7g protein                                  1g protein
10% vit a                                   0
30% calcium                             20% calcium
10% iron                                   2% iron
45% vit D                                 0
25% riboflavin                         0

So for me i'm choosing the higher calorie but for me the best tasting :)

And i'm definitely not arguing with peoples choices but this is just one of the things that works for me !!


  1. My mantra: Whatever works for you is the right choice. :)

    There is a lot out there. New on the shelves - oat milk.

  2. I'm all about better tasting too! Especailly when the calories are so low anyways. You gotta enjoy what you are eating too!

  3. I think we each have to decide which works for us. I drink black coffee with Splenda, and the hubby uses ff milk. Others I know use the calories on creamers, and I accept that is their choice even though I think it is a waste. You did your homework and made the best decision for YOU! Keep up the good work!

  4. Have to agree, taste wins but good going on trying out the other. I can get stuck what I'm use to using.

  5. yep. that's what I do as well.

  6. thanks for the recipe below too!

  7. I'm with you - there is more to making the best choices than just the calorie count. :)

  8. I'm the opposite...Almond breeze for me. I am impressed with the nutrition of the soymilk though.