Friday, December 12, 2008

My exercise

for today is going to be to try this

Should be interesting!!

On a different note, lately i've been reading how if you're trying to lose weight you need to watch the portion sizes. For example if something says 1/2c or 30g you should weigh to make sure your only getting 30 g!!

So this morning for my cereals i decide, what the heck, i'm going to see if there is any difference between the measured amount and the weighed amount. Yes there definitely was!! Each time i weighed what i had measured to be the right amount, the weight was higher than it said it was supposed to be. And that's only on two cereals that i tried this morning. So i think for the next few days when i get a chance i'm going to see just how often these things are in sync.

Now i'm off to plan my menu for the next week or so :) Then it's off to work!!

Have a great weekend.


  1. So, did you do the bodyweight circuit? That looks tough!

  2. Are you insane?!! I watched that guy for all 4 minutes and 25 seconds and it look completely insane!

    It's like Jillian Michaels on steroids! Holy crap!

    You gotta tell us how it went. If you did that workout, you're my new hero!

  3. That's interesting about the cereal. I just got a food scale. I am going to check this out for myself. Thanks for sharing this!

    (And thank you for your endless support on my blog... thank you, thank you!!)