Thursday, December 4, 2008

My walk !

Exercise day 3/5 this week!! O.k i'm not doing so bad this week :)
It's really cold outside so i decided i needed oats this morning! This hit the spot :) And of course it gave me some fuel!!
And i not only walked but for the first time in my life i did SPRINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowsa's and i loved it :)


  1. Feels like ages since I've seen a snowman :)

  2. Looks like a great day. Love the snowman. And woohooo for the sprints.

  3. Walking in a winter wonderland! Lucky, you! Don't forget your scarf! :)

  4. it has been so cold here (30s. not usual for TX) that I wish we could just get snow to go along with it!

    (love the clean eating post below and that is ALL IT FOR ME. eating cleaner than I had been even if, and I was told this alot, it isnt 'perfect'

    Im not perfect so why would my food be? :))

  5. Could you please pass me the bowl of oatmeal? That looks so good!