Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh boy!!

I woke up this morning with no voice!! I don't feel bad just have no voice. And i go to work today :) Lots of fun.

So this morning i have to walk to work since i found their key to the garbage container in my coat pocket and they'll need it before i go to work. Which isn't necessarily bad as i will also go on a walk and i'll stop at the grocery store as well! (I'm leading a walk through the park to see the lights on tuesday so i'm hoping to pick up some cheap christmas cookies, which won't be opened until i go :)

Today at least i'm back to routine, i didn't do too bad over the holidays although there was too much wine and bigger quantities of food than i'm used to. So today i'm back to doing what works for me :)

How is your day going??


  1. Things are going well. Enjoying my vacation! :D Sorry you have no voice! But glad you feel just fine. :D

    Take care, hope you enjoyed your walk!

  2. Ah, the old left-the-key-in-my-coat pocket routine. You'll do ANYthing to get in your exercise! ;)
    Gees, no voice & working with the public on a busy shopping day...that might work in your favour.
    That's neat that you're leading a walk in the park. You do such neat things!

  3. I hope that you enjoy your early walk!! :-)

    Hope your voice comes back SOON!

  4. Neat! That you're leading a walk.

    Hope your voice comes back soon. Maybe it had too much holiday fun? LOL Just being silly.