Sunday, December 21, 2008

People really need to relax!!

Wow people are in such a rush, they don't stop and think about others!!

On my way to work yesterday, which is only a block and a half away from where i live, i was almost run down 2 times!!

And while i was working people are just so nasty and pushy :(

Get a grip!!

I realize people have a lot of pressure during the holidays but they really need to de-stress or else they are going to have heart attacks!!

Has anyone else noticed this??

So hopefully the rest of my week will go smoothly, without being run over :) 

On to another day at work!!


  1. Gees, that's awful, Suzi :( Be careful out there...
    My friend's husband is the dairy manager at Zehrs and is constantly run in to with people's grocery carts and doesn't even receive an apology for it. This happens several times a day!! Unbelievable!
    This time of year brings out the worst rudeness in some people. Civility is becoming a rare commodity. You would see it more working with the public, for sure.
    Be the Sunshine :) The world needs YOU!

  2. It is very sad that this season brings out the nasty in people. :-( Stay safe and like K said above, "Be the Sunshine!"

  3. Yes. I fear for my life in parking lots this time of year. Although, things seem to be a bit saner in my new town. Maybe because it's smaller.

  4. I just had some old guy yell at me in the grocery store for touching his cart! LOL seriously, holiday scan be great and horrible for politeness.

    And thanks for stopping in! I think you should join us on the 6 week adventure!!! can do eet!!



    my thoughts precisely...

  6. I love the holidays...but I can't stand the attitude and rudeness that seems to overtake some people during the season. I just don't understand it!