Monday, December 22, 2008

So far today....

I have picked up a few things at the grocery store to tide me over till tomorrow :)
Bought hair dye so i can do my hair tonight-actually i'll probably do it tomorrow!!
Had my hair cut!
Painted my nails (i haven't done this in i don't know how long:)
Gone to a meeting where we plan the next social events for the next year.
Finished plans for a walk through the park to see the lights with hot chocolate and cookies after for the place that i volunteer (sugar free ones too :)
Finished my last minute shopping
Gone to the liquor store

I am now beat :) I'm having a glass of wine and putting my feet up for the rest of the day!!

And tomorrow i'm:
Finishing my grocery shopping
Going to the post office
Enjoying the heat from the lamps i go under for my skin condition (psoriasis)

One of these days i'll have nothing to do!! And then i won't know what to do with my free time.


  1. YAY for the vino!!


    I've still quite excited about this eating clean challenge. THanks for your post today. I'm going to do some more looking around today for the whats to look for in my meals!

    Have a good night.

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  4. ...ummm.... itchy mouse finger!!
    (see above)

    SORRY!! am deleting all the extra posted posts!


  5. Hey there! If you could find a farm around you that sells grass fed beef, the fat and nutrition content fall down to being very close to chicken. The Omega 3/6 balance reduces cholesteral. It's a whole new meat :)

  6. I bet you're feeling all sexy right about now aren't you? And the wine should be helping. :)

  7. Do the days with nothing to do ever come?

    Wishing you a day of rest and a wonderful Christmas holiday :)