Saturday, December 20, 2008

Taking a breather!!

I won't be doing my update goals/weigh in post this week!

I have some crazy running around to do and i need to focus on getting that done :) I'm also going in to work for 4 hours tomorrow :( and i'd like to spend time with the hubs and not banging away on the computer all the time!!

Eating and exercising while not perfect are not bad either! But that being said i've decided not to get on the scale until next Sunday (December 28) I just don't want the scale deciding what mood i will be in through Christmas and knowing what's coming up this week i probably won't be too happy with the scale!! But then again maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised.

I do know that i will be happy once all my running around is finished with! And although i love Christmas i will be happy to be back to a normal routine :)

This is the first chistmas that i won't have either of my children home :( One is on a cruise and the other is in Holland :) Will definitely be a different kind of christmas this year!


  1. That is a really healthy decision! Why have a not so happy holiday, just b/c of the number on the scale? I think I'll do something like this myself.

  2. Hope you made it through the running around without scathing.