Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Thank you for all the great comments yesterday they really made my day :) You guys rock!!

This morning i was at the hospital with my hubby at 7:30 AM!! That is so not my time of day :) He had to be there for test yesterday and again today. We are crossing our fingers that they come out great.

So what did i do at the hospital that early while waiting. I walked!! I did the stairs, i walked the corridors and when that got too boring i went outside and walked :) Oh and i drank a bottle of water while doing it.

This afternoon i have a board of directors meeting where i know they are having the annual chinese food for dinner! Rather than stressing over it, i've decided to take one plate with the healthiest foods i can find and then move on. I will however be drinking a lot of water :) Oh and to help even more i'm going to walk there!!

What are your plans for today?? Have a good one!


  1. Great job on walking at the hospital. I don't even think I would have thought of that!!

    Good luck with the chinese food :)

  2. Can't believe you thought of walking the corridors while waiting! I always sit and read - hence the fact that I am still obese. LOL

  3. Yeah, excellent job walking while waiting. I always just read, too, but now I won't!

  4. Great for you! I never would have thought of pacing the halls and all that. Hope the tests turn out good!

    Today was supposed to be errand day, but it's cold [woke up to -12 and the high today will be 17] and the roads are still icy. So, I'll have to wait until Husband can drive me tonight or tomorrow night. I'm out of bananas though. Booo!!

    I worked and I blogged. I don't usually work out on Tuesdays, but since I'm not going out I might add in a workout. It'll warm me up. :)

  5. Good job on the walking. Have fun at the dinner.

  6. Hey how did the tests go? Hope that your dinner went well. Chinese food yum! I think that if I were going to eat Chinese food, I would have to eat a little something before hand so I wouldn't be sooo hungry and maybe the chinese food wouldn't be as appealing! Great job on walking.

  7. Awesome job taking advantage of the chance to walk! I'm planning to use that strategy at the airport next week.