Friday, December 5, 2008


Forgot to set my alarm so i woke up later than i wanted to!! So it's rush, rush, rush around here :)

I realize that for the next few days i need to eat up what i have in the fridge etc... I also realize that although i want to eat as clean as i can i like eating different things all the time, so i think it's going to end up being my version of clean :) Which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

You'll laugh at this. I have 24 steps to climb to get into my townhouse, i have another 7 steps to get up into the kitchen and another 7 to get to the laundryroom and bathroom. For added exercise i have been taking the stairs two at a time, which at 5'0" is quite the funny thing to watch.
However you won't believe how much i'm feeling it in the old legs :) My goal lately is to find little ways to do a little more!! If i'm waiting for the kettle to boil i'll do some counter push ups (not all the time but every now and then). When i'm at work and standing still sometimes i go up on my toes and hold it for as long as i can :)

Anyone else sneak little bits of exercise in??? I'd be glad to try new things.

So that's the way my mind is rambling today :) Have a great weekend!!


  1. That is a great way to get that little exta in!!

    I normally run stairs whenever I go up them...That's about it :)

  2. I hate getting up late. It throws my whole day off.

    I have been going up the stairs to use the bathroom, and well I was going to the outside mail box...but they just took it out.

  3. Sometimes I'll hula hoop for 10 to 20 mins while watching TV.

    I dance in my car and use my pilates posture and engage the core while in the car and running errands.

    I practice aerobics steps I have trouble with while walking down the hall or do a bit of my favorite routine. I park far away from the store and closest to the least convenient door.

  4. Wow, I never thought about doing those things, but I make sure that I take the stairs at work. 7 floors makes quite a bit of leg work! :)
    I hate running late and being in a rush. Blah!