Sunday, December 14, 2008

weekly weigh in and goal update

Well this morning after having chinese food and pizza i stayed the same!! 133.6  I'll take that anyday :)

Last weeks goals:

1. keep up with the discipline and consisitency!! - I did pretty good with this one this week considering all the temptations at this time of the year!!

2. go out for more walks.- And i enjoyed them immensly :)

3. take care of me this week, i need a little pampering this week. I tend to forget this :( - I failed at this one  big time but will try again this week.

4. get house in order (this is a hopeful goal :) - ummmmm...... not!!

So this weeks goals:

1. Still get out for my walks and make it to my walking group which is definitely motivational.

2. Take care of me!! This is a huge one for me.

3. Need to spend time on the house.

4. Try not to spend time worrying and stressing so much tis week. Ties into #2 but is a separate thing.


  1. My thoughts are with you! Glad you are having so much fun on you walks! Even though the weather is so cold..

  2. I need to get the house in shape, too! It's not cleaning itself for some reason. Bad house :(