Monday, June 30, 2008


This is where i ate my lunch today and the walking track i was on!!

June 30, 2008

Even though i'm still confused and not absolutely sure which way i'm going to do this lifetime healthy living plan, i'm focused for today ;)
For today i'm going to eat clean, i'm going to join my walking group in giving my all for 50 mins or so! I'm going to love going to chapters and starbucks with friends. But i'm going to focus on consistency today, just for now and just for today ;)
Tomorrow may bring a new plan, and i'll work that out then!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm confused!!

Okay i do really like following the weight watchers plan. I find the point system relatively easy. But today is my splurge day and i don't mind using the extra points on a really nice meal. So i've figure out i've splurged a little of points today no problem, but when i go to put it into sparkpeople it's showing even with the extra bits of food today my total calorie level is 1,169 and that's with wine!! Yet supposedly i've used 26.5 points today.
Now this has me wondering am i not eating enough?? I've always thought 1,200 was a good number of calories to shoot for daily. And since i do exercise and lead a pretty active life i don't mind going over that a bit one day a week.
Does anyone do weight watchers and have you ever calculated the calories your eating?
I think for now i'll try reaching for 1,200 cals a day and see how this week goes.

Weekly weigh in and update on goals 29/06/08

Well i had to be up at 5 this morning so my weigh in is a little off. And after a big 4 lb loss last week i'm up 2.2 this week. I'm o.k with this as i know it will be off this week!!

Here's what my plan was for this week and how i did:
1. continue with my weight training as i'm enjoying this-did some but not as much as i'd like to do
2. still keep an eye on my carb intake and track on fitday-did this!
3. keep drinking my water-drank my water every day ;)
4. i have a big annual general meeting coming up on tuesday and i've prepared a plan for eating and i really want to stick to it.-stuck to my plan!
5. see if i can shave some minutes off my 5 km walk-shaved 4 mins off this week ;)

This week:
1. try to get more weight training in
2. keep track of carbs and cals on fitday
3. keep drinking at least 8 water a day
4. try to get out for at least 4 walks this week
5. be consistent!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


His Royal Highness Snuffy ;)

Consistency has always been a problem with me. I'm one of those people who it's all or nothing!
I've decided this is something i have to work on, so that when i'm not 100% doing what i feel i should be doing i'm still consistent with my effort.
I am so bad at this that i can be totally on program for 2 weeks i then will have a minor binge and instead of saying o.k that's fine it's done with i've worked hard for 2 weeks lets not throw it all away. I just have this mindset that well i've done it now i may as well just keep eating.

When i'm finished, i think well now i start all over again. It would be so much easier to just let the minor blip go by and continue on with how i was doing instead of feeling like a failure and having to start all over again, setting myself up for another fall!!

I leave myself thinking i can never finish what i start or at least continue what i start.

And since this is almost the end of the month i'm going to try for July to be consistent!! There will be no re-starting on continuing on my life journey ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

much better

Since posting this morning and going grocery shopping i feel a lot better. I decided to not exercise today and just take a day off.

I just found the greatest dip, which i'm having for lunch ;) It's a skinny baba ganoosh. It's only 30 cal for 2 tbsp, .2 fat , 1 g protein. If your canadian it's at zehrs called You Won't Believe This Is Low Fat. And it tastes awesome :) Anyway i just thought i'd post a quick update.

what's up?

Last night at work was one of the strangest nights! Before work i had energy i did my usual things as well as an upper body workout. I get to work and suddenly it's as though all my energy has been sucked out of me.
I could barely get enough energy to just go about doing the minimum i'm supposed to be doing. I just can't describe how bad it was, if there was a bed i would have laid down and slept!!
And throughout the night i kept thinking about eating. Now i wasn't really hungry i just wanted to eat something, anything. I managed to not give in to that voice and it wasn't that hard to not eat. But i haven't had that voice saying eat, eat, eat in a long time.
Today i'm wondering should i take a day off of exercise and give my body time to rest? Or should i exercise and give my body strength?? I know i need to go grocery shopping today so there's not much time to do too much before work but i'm thinking of going for a short walk before going grocery shopping as this may just charge me up ;)
Any opinions would be welcome.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My crack

I was reading sugar busted and it definitely hit home! Sugar is my crack. I'm either staying as far away from it as i can or i'm bingeing on it with no end in sight and i feel so lousy physically after! I'm not one of those people who can eat one cookie, no i eat a bag or at least 1/2 a bag. So with that in mind i do try to stay away from anything that might trigger my hunger for it.

I've learned over the years that i have to treat it like i have quitting smoking, my mantra then was "not even one smoke" as i knew if i did i'd be right back to it! Now with sugar, obviously i come across it but i do try to stay away from the stuff that will start me on a downward slide.

I also find that white sugar or fast food take out leads me to craving more sugar!!
So tonight when i'm going to work surrounded by donuts and danishes. I'm going to try to completely ignore them.

Which is why i started blogging to stay accountable to others and hopefully that will help me stay accountable to myself!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On my walk

How it went...

Well last night went pretty much as planned. I enjoyed the evening very much:) As far as eating i ate exactly what i thought i would except the dessert was really small so instead of a 1/3 i ate 1/2 :) and i enjoyed every bite!!

Yesterdays weight routine was good and i'm trying to up some of the weights i use for certain exercises. While trying to do more reps of others.

Today i'm going on a 5km walk around the neighbourhood as it looks like an awesome day outside ;)

And since i've drank twice this week i'm going to have to really watch my step for the rest of the week if i hope to see a loss this week. Oh well it was worth it!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First picture of me online ;)

I have a plan

I'm going to an annual general meeting tonight and since they have the same food every year, and it's not exactly the healthiest, i've made a plan of what i'm going to have.
Now that's done i just plan on enjoying myself ;)

I'm also doing my weight training today and here's my plan:
1. step ups
2. hip extensions
3. knee heel tap
4. push ups
5. hammer curls
6. double leg lifts

Oh and i'm taking photos of the food i eat, on the off chance anyone wants a peek take a look at
Maybe i'll get a chance to take a picture of my food the AGM tonight ;) Although i might feel a bit weird doing that!!

What are your plans for today??

Monday, June 23, 2008

20 things you may not know about me

1. Born in Bournemouth, England
2. I talk to myself all the time ;)
3. I have mild narcolepsy
4. Love to read
5. Love to go on long walk through the woods
6. I am the most unorganized person i know (well next to my daughter maybe)
7. Love to cook
8. 5' 0" tall
9. Have my nose pierced
10. Definitely a people person
11. Love jeans and that's usually what you'll find me in
12. Have a pure black cat named Snuffy short for Mr Snuffalufagus from sesame street
13. Enjoy a glass of wine
14. Used to love to play volleyball in highschool
15. 2nd toe is longer on both feet
16. Favorite colour is blue
17. Would eat seafood 7 days a week
18. Love to travel and may be going to the netherlands in the next year or so :)
19. Raised as an only child
20. Supervisor in a donut/coffee shop

Sunday, June 22, 2008

weekly weigh in and update on goals

I guess working out does pay off ;) I'm down 4 lbs this week. So my stats are now:
start weight 174.4
current weight 141.4
goal weight 125
BMI 27.6

These are the goals i was working on this week:
1.drink 8 water-done
2.exercise at least 4x a week for at least 40 mins-yep
3.still watch my carb #'s-not as closely this week but i didn't go overboard either on my form when walking-in progress
5. walk on my speed when walking as i have to get ready for the race-in progress

So my goals for next week will be:
1. continue with my weight training as i'm enjoying this
2. still keep an eye on my carb intake and track on fitday
3. keep drinking my water
4. i have a big annual general meeting coming up on tuesday and i've prepared a plan for eating and i really want to stick to it.
5. see if i can shave some minutes off my 5 km walk

All in all i'm really happy with the way things have gone this week. Now i have 4 days off of work and i'm going to enjoy them. Tonight i've planned a special dinner including wine and italian chocolate raspberry ice for dessert. I'm using some of my flex pts i have left this week as today is the last day of my flex pts and i never use them and that's what they are there for. I also don't use any activity points i earn by exercising. I'm going to see how it goes to have one day a week where i splurge a little, but at least it will be a planned splurge. Does anyone else take one day and just relax a little on their food program?? Anyway that's my ramble for today, have a good one!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

done for today :)

Decided to get my weights done early so that i didn't change my mind before going to work! Today's weights included:
stationary lunges
shoulder press
lying tricep extension
boat pose
oblique twist
Tomorrow i meet up again with my walking group so i'll probably work on form ;) (so i've lost my mind and i'm not meeting them until monday! For some reason i keep thinking today is sunday)
So tomorrow i'll go on my 5km route again and try to get a better time than last time.
Hope you're have a great weekend so far!

Something to learn

As i contemplate why i'm so up and down with my weight i'm coming to realize a few things. I have a real problem of thinking that when i indulge in something that is above and beyond what i'd planned to eat i feel as though i've thrown in the towel and i may as well just keep eating!! I don't seem to realize that just by eating some fries or a donut and then stopping and continuing doing what i had been doing i really wouldn't have done any damage. However, by continuing this behaviour for the rest of the day or even days or dare i say a week i have a lot of catching up just to get to where i was before!
Over the last few months if i had stopped straight away i'd be weight wise where i want to be, instead i'm back where i was and still trudging forwards! I'm hoping the next time i do this i can just stop. And yes Beth if your working with me feel free to tell me so ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

A good decision

Yesterday that TOM came and it came on strong :) Sorry to those who are sensitive! Anyway i was having a great day i ate very healthy, i did a weight routine and enjoyed it and then i went to work.
All was going well until i ate dinner. It was a really nice but afterwards i still felt i need something more! Well i'm surrounded by chocolate danishes, croissants, tea biscuits, cookies, donuts etc.. What to do what to do?? I decided i needed something that would make me feel full without sugar or too much fat so i decided on whole wheat bun with a tad of whipped butter. And after i was absolutely satisfied, and my stomach was still good (which doesn't always happen after i have sugar). So all in all a great day.
Today i'm off on another walk focusing on speed!! We'll see how i feel after that ;)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Found some

Yep i dug around in my books collecting dust and i found a book, tank top, bikini belly, boy shorts bottom (i know the name sounds bad) but i bought it because someone else reviewed it and said it had awesome workouts in it! This was obviously before i lost my memory and didn't remember i had it. Anyway after looking through it i'm going to give some of the workouts a whirl there are ones from beginner on up and of course you can pick and choose what you want. What i like most though is that is has really good descriptions of all the exercises how to do them at home and how to add to make them a little harder.
So today i did the first one:
squats with light weights
leg lifts
chest press
front raise
becep curls
~~Not bad since i started TOM today~~

What to do??

Well last night at work was interesting, you've got to love working when your pms-ing ;) Oh yeah i was definitely a little snippity! Oh well at least i didn't over eat and when i woke up this morning the scale was down.
As far as exercisng goes i'm trying to not do the same exercise every day. My plan is to walk one day, weights the next etc and on those walks vary whether they are for length, speed or form. The walking i have no problem with. The weights on the other hand are a little more out of my depth. Don't get me wrong i've done weights before but i just don't know what a good routine would be and how to make sure i'm doing different routines not the same one all the time.
If anyone has a plan i can look at or any helpful tips i would appreciate it. Today i think i'll do some tricep dips, some bicep work some squats. At least it will be better than doing nothing. I do have some weight workout books but i find the info from real people is usually better.
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just one more thing

to have to worry about. I was reading an article this morning on sweetners on the pros and the cons. Now don't get me wrong i know they're not good for you and in fact they're probably bad for you. However, i admit i use them all the time. The way i see it i'm trying to work on eating the healthiest i can. I exercise, i try to eliminate bad foods for the most part. I do binge but i'm working on that. However my last stand is my use of sweetners. In the future i see myself trying to wean off of them, but for now they are here to stay. What's your feeling about them??
Today i'm going out on my first planned 5 km walk by myself and it involves hills ;) I'm sure i'll be feeling every muscle in the legs tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I don't know about anyone else, but in our house we know that when the place is a bit of a mess i'm following my eating and exercising plan no problem!! When the house is tidy and everything is caught up i've usually been way off on my eating or i've been bingeing. Today my eating and exercising is going great and the house is tidy, i'll see how long this last for ;)
I've actually talked to a few of my friends and they find themselves doing this as well. Anyone else have this problem and how are you dealing with it??

On a different note i went to and made 2 different 5 km routes up. Anyone else not heard of this great site??

Off to get ready to go to a meeting which i'll be walking to ;) Have to go get jeans on as it's freezing here today! Have a great day

Monday, June 16, 2008

Really i am going !!

Sometimes i just need a kick in the butt ;) I was invited to join a walking group when they practice on Mondays. I know it will be fun and a great way to meet other walkers. That being said i was ready, willing and able to go. Now i knew i had a meeting shortly after so i phoned that person and arranged to meet her near where i'm going walking. Last night for some strange reason i'm thinking should i go or maybe i should just enjoy a day off of work. When i suddenly remembered i'd arranged to meet that other person after the walk so i had no choice i have to go!!
Now i'm happy that i did that or i may have waffled enough to not go and i think i would have missed out on a nice opportunity to get some exercise in weekly while meeting other people ;)
It's funny how losing weight and being healthy had so much to do with the mind.
Just one other thing i have to work on!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 km walk

I had so much fun yesterday! First the lecture/talk was awesome and i managed to get a lot of new information about walking form and new stretches that i didn't know before. I also managed to talk to the woman and ask about a problem i'd been having with my right calf and she was very helpful in fact it never bothered me yesterday :)
As for the walk, well i know i have to work on it before i go for the race in september!! I'm okay on distance i can go for hours but my form is a bit off and i definitely need to work on speed.
There were wonderful people on the walk and although it was hot it was a blast. I'll definitely be doing it again. In fact i've been asked to join a group walking on monday which i'm definitely going to be going to.

weigh in, update on weeks goals

I actually went down this week!! I went down -3.0 lbs. I'm keeping my stats on the right hand side of my blog in case anyone wants to see ;)

As for my goals this week:
1. drink 8 water a day-done
2. exercise at least 4 times this weeks-done and more ;)
3. cut down on the amount of carbs i eat-all but 2 days so i'm happy with this
4. get my hair cut-done
5. stay on plan as much as possible but don't give up if i don't-yeppers i managed to do that!!

This weeks goals will be:
1.drink 8 water
2.exercise at least 4x a week for at least 40 mins
3.still watch my carb #'s on my form when walking
5. walk on my speed when walking as i have to get ready for the race

Saturday, June 14, 2008

going for a walk....

Today i've been invited to go for a talk and walk ;) I'm going to a talk by an expert in walking for fitness at city hall, after he's going to take us for a 5km walk!! Fun, fun, fun. The only downside to all of this is that i have to go to work after. I managed to get someone to work for the first 3 hours but since i'm a supervisor i couldn't find another one who wanted to take the whole shift :(

Last night i caved in and tried a new donut at work!! I know i'm not perfect and these things are going to happen now and again. However, this morning i got up and thought about what i could cram into my mouth and i honestly stopped and thought you know this is insane. I am responsible for what i do and what i put into my mouth. How much do i truly want to be healthy and lost weight?? I actually chuckled and went in the cupboard to find the oatmeal and then went to the fridge to put some gorgeous fresh blueberries with it!! I just finished a really nice breakfast that i truly enjoyed and that i know will stick with me when i'm walking today and i'm once again feeling truly good about myself!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

i'm lovin' this song

While i was on my walk yesterday and listening to my mp3 i heard this song and just had to play it a couple more times ;) It's confirms that sometimes a new pair of shoes or a new top or simply a new route to walk on can make your steps lighter and give you that extra boost you need!!

New shoes by Paolo Nutini

check it out:

It takes time

I was reading someone's post (sorry i can't for the life of me remembers whose i think it might have been and they were talking about the time it takes to lose weight. Not how long it going to take you but the daily time.
The more i thought about it, the more i think it's true!! I put in approximately an hour when i exercise, i plan my daily eating, i have to get food prepped for when i need it, i pre-cook dinner to take to work, i do things to purposely have to walk or move more etc. I probably put in at least and hour and a half a day!! I'm will to do this to be healthy but i think you need to know that it is definitely a time investment that you have to be willing to do, and some days it's hard to come up with the time.
I know there are days where the hubby says go on your walk and i'll do dishes because he knows that once i'm stuck in the doing dishes mode out the window flies the good intentions of going on a walk. He chuckles as i'm sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by recipes and pieces of paper trying to come up with a food plan for the next week or two, but quietly makes me a cup of tea without being asked ;)
How much time do you put into getting healthy?? Something to think about

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to work

Well it's back to work today! I work in a donut/coffee shop so i definitely have to stay away from anything there!! Yes they have soups etc, but they are so full of salt it's not funny.
So my plan for today is to do some upper body weights and then i think i'll go for a walk. Yesterday i ended up with 11,563 steps on my pedometer!!
As far as my eating goes since i've been tracking my food on fitday i'm actually surprised sometimes that my carbs are so high so then i play with what i've planned to bring them down a bit. Hope this helps. I do find that when i only eat complex carbs and don't eat too many that my craving for sugar seems down. Now i'm definitely not saying i don't eat carbs( i had oatmeal this morning) but i'm just trying to watch how many i do eat.
If anyone is reading this what are your thoughts as far as carbs goes??

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A pretty good day

All in all a pretty good day!! I managed to wiggle out of an everything you can eat buffet where i was stuffing envelopes by saying i already had cooked salmon and salad waiting for me at home. As i was saying that my stomach was growling like no man's business ;) Anyway i made it home and really enjoyed my salad.
I also managed to get a 55 mins walk in and this afternoon hubby got me out on a 30 mins bike ride so today i've already got in an hour and 25 mins of exercise!! Tomorrow i'm going to be doing a weight routine before i go to work. I'm really trying to shake things up.
I really like seeing pictures of what people eat. I'm wondering if i should start taking pictures of what i eat. Which would be fine until my daughter leaves for holland in november but then i'd need to buy a digital camera. Might be fun though!!

On my way

Well i got up this morning and i'm still raring to go on this journey. I just need to keep it going!! I'm really trying to keep my protein up so i don't get hungry as much or get too many cravings.
This morning i'm on my way to help stuff envelopes for a charity i volunteer with so i'm getting off of the bus early and walking approx 45 to get there, that should take care of my exercise for today ;) The only thing that's worrying me a little will be that i won't be able to get my lunch in until at least 1:00 to 1:30 and i don't want that to make me eat more than i had planned. Can you tell i obsess about food?? I'll post later to update how my first day is going.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goals for week 1

I've decided that i should set some goals and then update to see how i've done on my weigh in day, which is on Sunday. Here's what i'm trying to achieve this week:

1. Drink 8 cups of water a day
2. Exercise at least 4 times this week
3. Cut down on the amount of carbs i eat
4. Get my hair cut to give me a boost
5. Stay on plan as much as possible but don't give up no matter what

I need a kick in the butt

This is it. The last straw! I admit it, here and now, i'm a binger. I have got to get over this. I'm not sure how, but boy do i ever have to get past this. In the past i've tried weight watchers with pretty good success but somehow always seem to fall off the wagon. Lately i've tried south beach diet which worked well and i seemed to have no cravings for sugar on it, but it's seems like a hard way of eating to stay on. So i'm thinking perhaps of combining both. Doing the points like weight watchers but watching my carbs and combining this with exercise. Tomorrow will be day 1. I will be posting here to stay accountable. I will be posting my weigh ins and i will be journaling on fitday to help me as well. I will also be posting the good the bad and the ugly.