Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Not much going on here today :( Still sick but i'm going in to work, however i'm hoping to leave early ;)
Hope everyone has a great halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still sick

Well i'm sitting here sneezing, and stuffed up. All i can say is that i'm enjoying my tea today, a lot ;)

I'm still going to exercise before i go to work but i'm not sure whether to go out on a walk or hop on the stationary bike and do some weights.(update i went on the stationary bike for 20 minutes and i did a weight workout ;)

I'm really not a bike person but i can do it when i want to :)

Last night i was up most of the night due to this cold and also forgetting that i never take nighttime cold medicine because it keeps me awake all night! However what i didn't do was eat, i did however make myself and nice hot green tea with ginger slices in it mmmmm....... It hit the spot!

Also it's back to work today :) Which will take my mind off of being sick!

And if anyone is psychic and can you please tell me where my pedometer clip is and i'll send a reward ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's cold here today :)

And there's snow!! And i've got a cold ;(

But i still went on my walk :)

I'm having fun looking up new recipes to try! We are going to have guinness beef stew next week, of course i tweaked it so it's healthier :)

Anyone have nice chicken recipes they'd like to share?? Or any recipes for that matter!!

Wow i just had my first anonymous comment that really hit home! And whoever you are thank you ;) They mentioned that i never take photo's of food that i eat outside of my 3 meals such as the jelly beans i dove into. It's not that i don't mention it on this blog but i never put it on my other one!! Well they're right i don't and it's got me thinking that i should. Now whether or not that will change what i eat i don't know! But i'll see what happens ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What i ended up doing :-)

Well i resisted the pizza, and at the board meeting i ended up having cesear salad, cheese, fruit, a half a nasty wrap that was 99% lettuce, and two small 1" square pieces of dessert! All in all i was very happy with the way today went!

Oh and i had a blast ;) We had more people than ever this year so all in all it was a great success!! Here's a sample:

Today's plan

Well today i have a pizza and bowling party that i help organize this afternoon, then i have a board of directors meeting right after.

So my plan for today is to not have the pizza, instead i'll wait and have dinner during the meeting because they always have the same things so i can plan!(watch them change it today ;)

So my plan is to have 1/2 a vegetarian wrap, some fruit, some cheese and a small (1") piece of dessert.

I'm also going to walk to the bowling party so that should take me about 40 mins ;)

And of course there will be pictures!!

I have a confession to make, last night i had to count the jelly beans for the guess the jelly bean jar! Now after many jelly beans dissappearing into a mouth, i ended up throwing the extra's away because i just couldn't stop eating them!! What's with that?? I swear i'm addicted to sugar!

Guess who won't be taking the jelly beans home??

Anyway i have a plan and i'm determined to stick to it today, i'll let you know how it went tomorrow. Have a great day everyone! And do you have a plan for today??

Monday, October 27, 2008

Okay i admit

that i still haven't done the sewing!! Can we say procrastinator?? And yes i will do it, i swear ;-)

Today hubs and i are off to cardio rehab again, first for the one on one with the dietitian then he has his regular one hour workout. And since i can't do anything while he's doing the workout i think i'll visit staples next door :)

And for my exercise i went on my walk this morning! Everything was so dreary though :(

Tonight i'm making cheesy scalloped potatoes which i got the recipe from sparkpeople and i have a link to it on my other blog. And i was trying to figure out what to do with some skinless chicken drumsticks and you know what i was craving?? Shake and Bake so that's what i'm doing with them, easy peasy!!

Watched Anaconda 3 last night and the only thing i have to say is "don't rent it" :)

So i hope everyone is having a great monday and that it's just the beginning of a great week!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Well this morning i was very happy to see that i was down -.4 this week!! I'm edging ever closer to goal ;)

Today it's pouring so i'm going to get my exercise in on the stationary bike.

Update on last weeks goals:
1. Really try to eat clean this week. Be able to stop and make a decision whether this is something i really want to eat or not. Will it do good things for my body etc...(I have worked on this but not as much as i would have like to, i'm going to give it another go this week :)
2. Keep on walking.(definitely got my walking in although on bad weather days i hopped on the stationary bike)
3. Get my speech over and done with :) I'm a little nervous about this!! Can u tell??(speech went well and i'm glad i did it)
4. Don't beat myself up. Pick myself up and keep on truckin'(I'm getting better at this as really there's nothing you can do about the past you just have to pull up your socks and keep going)
5. Take some pictures on my walks as i love doing this and pretty soon i think we'll see the white stuff!!(Yes i got some nice pictures this week)

Goals this week:
1. Increase my exercise this week!!
2. Not focus on the scale as much this week, focus more on just looking after me :)
3. Get a couple weeks of menus made up, this make it much easier for me to do my grocery shopping etc.
4. When i get home with all the fresh veggies cut them up and put them in the ziploc veggie bags as it's so much easier to grab them for everyone when they are all ready for you!
5. Focus on one good thing about everyone that i meet, instead of being critical of people!!

Here's to another good week :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Look what i made..

Pumpkin/raisin/maple bread. It tasted awesome!! If you'd like the recipe i'll be putting a link to it on todays post at :)

More pictures

So here are some pictures from yesterday because blogger was being a pain!!

Today i've decided to start tracking my points better and adding in my flex pts which gives me a little more flexability and accountability :) Sometimes i wish i could get to a place where i'm happy with how i do things but for some reason i always have to be tweaking things and trying to better them!!

So anyway this is my day off and i of course i have a to do list:

catch up on sewing (which i really procrastinate on)
catch up on laundry, same reason as above ;)
go grocery shopping
find my pedometer clip which has dissapeared somewhere in the bowels of our house!!

And then i'm watching a movie with the hubs :) what more could a girl want??

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back to me!

So today i'm feeling a lot more like me, less whiney and a lot mellower :-)

Could be because i have tomorrow off of work, could be because i wrote things down that i want to do for today and tomorrow!

Could also be because i've decided to pick a couple of extra exercises daily that i'd like to do that will only take a few minutes but it's better than having done nothing ;) Oh and i've already done them today, here's what i picked:
dumbell shrugs
push ups
side lunges

Maybe it's the fact that i'm dressed and going out for my walk in a couple of minutes so i'll update with pictures when i get back. I'll have to do it tomorrow or later today as blogger doesn't want to do it for me ;(

No matter what it is, today just feels like i have my life back in order!! And that i'll take anyday ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If i could only...

lose weight the way the hubs it doing!! And we eat the same foods. Although he does get snacks on top of what i eat because he obviously needs more calories ;) So far since he has left the hospital he has lost 12.6 lbs. He has lost a total of 37.6 lbs ;) Now if i did that i'd be at goal!!! I admit i'm jealous.

Maybe it's just me but i find things have slowed way down. I know sometimes i sabotage myself but sometimes things just don't go the way they used to when i was younger ;(

Sometimes i just get frustrated and then i end up binge eating and hitting myself over the head for it. Although lately i've been just shaking it off and going on with life as it comes! But sometimes i think it's just so hard to "just do it"

And often i get so hungry all i want to do is eat and eat and eat, although i know that this is not true hunger. Who else get's hungry when they are totally stuffed to the gills??

Off my soapbox and on to my day!! I have to go get ready and hopefully be able to put another great day under my belt and hope it makes a difference :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to work

Yep it's that time of the week i'm back to work today!! However today i'm in a great place in my head so that i know that nothing at work is calling my name to eat it ;)

I was so tickled pink with the way i handled the food last night that i still riding that wave today!

I tried a new breakfast this morning, oatmeal with apples and cranberries mmmmm..... it was awesome!!

And instead of going for a walk which does take quite a bit of time and when i'm on a workday time is limited i'm going to hop of the stationary bike, crank up the tension and away i go for 20-30 mins :)

And yes it was cold here so i candles going in the kitchen!

On a totally different note, i was reading mizfit today and the theme was saying no to things so that you can look after yourself more! I really need to work on this one, as i am the go to person for a lot of people :)

Anyway i'm off to have another great day!!! Hope you have one too ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What i actually did...

I ended up having a half a wrap with beef and mango salsa, some cabbage and pear with pecan salad and a little bit of cesear salad, what i didn't have was the appetizers i just wasn't that hungry, i also didn't have the noodle dish because i really didn't want it and i turned down the humoungus cookies and free pure chocolate bars that were available:)

All in all i was very happy with what i chose, plus i was totally satisfied but not stuffed ;)

Oh and they loved my speech. The executive director asked that i save it because she will be asking me to do it again!!

What do you do

when you invited to a dinner and you don't know what will be served?? Go with the flow says i :)

I refuse to stress over things i have no control over. Now don't get me wrong, i will make the healthiest choices i can, but beyond that it's out of my hands. And i won't starve myself because they're not serving the right foods!!

On top of that i probably won't eat much because i'm nervous about having to speak in front of strangers. Although i thank everyone for their well wishes on this ;)

How do you deal with this??

As far as healthier lifestyle choices go, i feel as though i'm back in the flow of things! I'm eating well, i'm satisfied and i'm not stressing or obssessing over every little thing. I 've also had the pleasure of being able to chat the last couple of days with a fellow blogger and that has helped me as well!!
You can never have too much support :)

Well i'll update how the speaking went tomorrow as i'll probably be back late tonight!! Here's to a great day for all my fellow bloggers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I entered a contest ;)

I entered the Gracie Gear Giveaway!
Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

Today i....

Went to my walking group and had a killer walk :) Of course since i missed my lunch time at home i nibbled veggies and fruit while walking to the bus after!!

We went to the last cardio rehab lesson and from now on hubs will be doing exercise sessions twice a week and then doing them at home as well. We were really impressed with his stress test results as the only things he's not supposed to do are to start playing hockey and start jogging!! No problem. They even told him he could carry up to 50lbs up stairs :-)

Today is also the first day of my weekend and of course i'm planning a nice meal tonight. We are having our favorite steak tonight!!
Tomorrow is when i do my speech!! And then i plan on coming home and relaxing with the hubs while watching the new bond movie ;)

And yes i took some pictures today, you'll notice the first two are much sunnier that's because i took them yesterday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goals

So as you know i didn't have the greatest week this week as far as clean eating goes!! I'm not worried about it but i really didn't want to step on the scale this morning, so i didn't. I decided to wait until next week to weigh in. So this week i'm putting myself down as no change.

As far as last weeks goals:
1. keep up the walking, i'm loving it!-I have been walking a lot this week and i feel great!
2. look for some new recipes to try.- I came across a few new recipes this week: feta chicken pasta, maple raisin pumpkin bread, english muffin bread, cranberry apple oatmeal :)
3. Get some weights in ;)-I did weight 2 days this week so i accomplished this one!
4. Doing some sewing that i've been putting off for ever.-Nope still haven't done this one but it has to be done before Jenn goes to Holland!
5. Try some new yoga moves-I did some really nice stretching moves this week nothing new really but still good.

As far as this weeks goals:
1. Really try to eat clean this week. Be able to stop and make a decision whether this is something i really want to eat or not. Will it do good things for my body etc...
2. Keep on walking.
3. Get my speech over and done with :) I'm a little nervous about this!! Can u tell??
4. Don't beat myself up. Pick myself up and keep on truckin'
5. Take some pictures on my walks as i love doing this and pretty soon i think we'll see the white stuff!!

Here's to a great week for everyone!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whoops i did it again...

Last night not only was i short one person but we were twice as busy as usual!! By the end of three hours i was ready to go to bed and collapse. It was crazy and stayed that way for the most part all night!! By the time i got my breaks they were nearly an hour later than usual and i was stressed and tired. So what did i do?? I ate, and ate and of course working in a coffee/donut shop there is any junk there pretty much you could ever want.
Now normally it's very easy for me to not eat anything there! However last night i ate what i took for dinner. Looked down at eat and said you know what i'm still hungry and i'm going to eat.

So i did. Now i'm not angry at myself because it's over and it's done with. I know it'll show up on my weekly weigh in but hey, i'll get over that and move on.

So now it's back to plan. However, i really want to try to eat to live and not live to eat. Sometimes i admit i just love to eat and maybe a little too much!! Something to work on, maybe.

So for today i need to get to the bank which is quite a distance from here so i'll take the bus there and walk back. Then i'll have lunch and once again get ready for work. Thankfully they gave me 2 more people to work with tonight than last night :)

Hope your all having a great weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm going to do another jillian micheals workout before lunch time. I also have to go do a bit of grocery shopping this morning. And i then have to get ready for work :) Oh and don't forget the yoga stretching i want to get in before i go to work!!

Yep this is going to be one of those crazy weeks. Sometimes i just thrive on them and sometimes i just want to go back to bed and pull the cover over my eyes :)
Here's to a great weekend to all my blogger friends!

Oh and here's a couple of photo's from yesterdays walk to my meetings, yes octoberfest is still going strong here ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh wow!!

I can't believe it but the executive director of the agency that i'm on the board of and that i do all the volunteering for has asked me to make a speech in front of a group on tuesday night!!!!!!!! I'm going to be practicing my speech all weekend :)

Am i nervous?? Oh boy!!

Now for today i've already done my exercising by walking to my meetings today :) Now i'm making lunch and getting ready for work! Already got hubby's food ready yesterday, i find planning is essential!

So it's off to sling coffee and donuts :) Hope everyone is having a great day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Riding into the sunset :-)

I got tagged :-)

I was tagged by Jenn here's six random facts about me:

1. When i eat anything with major sugar in it i'm like a 2 year old i bounce off the wall and never shut up :)

2. I love winter especially going into the woods in the winter, i follow trails that i can't go on (due to swamp like water) in the summer! It's like a winter wonderland. I'll make sure i take pictures this year!!

3. I love having me time! Just me, a book and a cup of tea and i'm de-stressing ;) Not that i don't love hubby and my kids, but i have to have some alone time every now and then!!

4. I love seafood, any seafood bring it on!!

5. I hate people who whine and don't do anything about what bothers them.

6. My husband and i have never had a real fight. We disagree but we've never really got mad at each other and we've been together 16 years!!

I won't tag anyone just because i know some people don't like that, however, anyone who reads my blog feel free to post 6 random facts about you!!

Okay i'm doing it again...

Yes i'm going to do the jillian micheals 30 day shred once again, and hopefully i won't be as stiff after!!

I'm also going to bike to the bulk barn to get some spices before the weather is colder and i don't want to do it as much :) I've also just realized i'm so busy tomorrow that i'd better organize hubby's food for tomorrow today so that's one less thing to do tomorrow ;) Luckily i have some chilli leftover!

And to finish off my day i'm going to do some yoga from a book i have from the library, i'm actually liking all the stretching!
Then it's off to two volunteer meetings in the morning before i go back to work at 3:00 pm ;) Talk about keeping me busy!!

On a side note:

After reading other blogs sometimes i wish we could get some the of the products in Canada that my friends can get in the states!! Then again i'd probably not be satisfied with one muffin top ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was so surprised when i found out i came second this week for weight % lost in the biggest loser blog edition challenge :) Made my day!!

Today i put a crockpot full of chili on for dinner and i'm making french bread later to go with it ;) That should keep my tummy warm because it's pretty cool here today!

This afternoon i went for a nice 50 minute walk :) Notice the red hair!!

Bought the heart rate monitor today, now to figure out how to use it :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

What i've done today......

Well so far i've made muffins.

Gone on my walk for and hour and took pictures :-) You may not be able to see it but there were leaves falling all around me as i walked today!!

I've still got to get dinner together, dye my hair, make french bread and do my yoga dvd!! Wish me luck :)