Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just to show you ;)

So i took one carton of Astro fat free plain yogurt with all kinds of good bacteria for my tummy in it and i put some paper towel inside a sieve and dumped the yogurt in it. And this is how much liquid came out of it:
And this is how it looks now:

I don't know whether you can tell but it's almost the thickness of cream cheese!!

1 of 5 :)

Exercising day one of five done!! I ended up doing it on the stationary bike, because as usual i don't have that much free time today. Oh and i also did intervals :) they rock!!
(p.s this isn't my bike but you get the idea)

Weekly weighin and goal updates

Well my weigh in saw me at +2.0 not pretty but not such a surprise!! So i'm at 134.8 Oh well besides not exercising i had a good week, just stressful :( And i have absolutely no doubt that it will be gone next week!!

Did you notice i didn't post many walking pictures this week?? Because i wasn't doing it!!

As far as last weeks goals went:

1. I love the discipline and consistency words and i'm applying them again this week :) Well unfortunately this kind of went out the window this week :(

2. Do some more weight training and one of these days get a weekly program worked out!!Unfortunately this just didn't work out this week and although i'm sad i didn't get more in, it was a really busy week and truthfully kind of a crazy week. But after tuesday this week things should settle down :)

3. Exercise at least 5 days!! I'm embarrassed to say i only got one day in!!

4. Keep making my food interesting, that way i'm not looking for anything else. Now this one i did :) And i really enjoyed some of the different things i've tried this week.

5. HAVE FUN!! The most important thing of all :0) Wish i hadn't been as exhausted this week and just relaxed more!!

This weeks goals:

You know i did have good goals last week so i'm going to try them again this week and hopefully i will have better results!! Try, try again :) And no i didn't pick the same ones just because i couldn't think of any new ones !!

1. Discipline and consistency!!

2.Get some weight training in :)

3. Exercise 5 days this week.

4. Keep trying new things with food!

5. This week i'm determined to have fun!! First with cranberries on monday, i'm making i believe 13 bags of cranberry sauce. And most of all at the christmas party i'm helping to organize on Tuesday for over250 people and yes there will be lots of pictures!!

So here's to a fun and healthy week :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm becoming weird!!

O.k. maybe not but my food tastes have been changing lately and i'm always on the lookout for new things or new ways to do things :)

To tell you the truth i'm like that with a lot of things like exercise etc i'm always looking for something different :-)
So this is what my lunch turned out to be:

Now i've never had something like this for lunch before but it was fast, cheap and very filling!! Meets all my criteria :) Oh and tomorrow is grocery day so i was going through my freezer.
I shall be so glad when work is over today, i really need some down time. However since i'm making 13 bags of cranberries on monday and that's after i've worked for someone all day, and Tuesday is the Christmas party i've helped plan for over 250 people!! That is an all day event :)
And then i'm back to work Wednesday.
So my only down day really will be tomorrow and i have to box up my daughter things to send to holland and a present for a friend of mine. Then i'm going to put the plastic on my windows because it's getting cold here :( Oh and i forgot tomorrow is grocery day :)
Oh and talking about daughter she went for an interview for an office job on wednesday and friday they phoned to tell here she has it!!!!!!!!!! And she's been in holland only 2 weeks :) I'm so proud of her.
Anyway a bit of a rambling post and i'm off now to get ready for work. Have a great weekend to all my bloggy friends :-)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Another first :)

I made faux mashed "potatoes" i.e. cauliflower and i admit i took a nibble to try and mmmmmm they are good!! They are for my dinner at work tonight :)

Any other good food finds i'm missing out on?? Enquiring minds need to know :)

Changing topics, i'm feeling very rushed today! No time to really do what I want to do. I need to go to the bank this morning, stop at the store because i just bought some supplements and realize they are expired!! I'm going for my flu shot before i go to work. Need to get all my food ready for the day and hubby's food for the day. Get myself ready and then be out the door to work!! Oh my goodness :( And i can't even think about being able to get out on a nice walk!!

However, after this week things are slowing down. I have no more meetings until after christmas, and i need to do a little more planning in advance to save me days like today :)

Uh oh, i just realized that i usually have my menus planned at least a week in advance and today's the last day i've done!! Guess what i'll be trying to figure out on my breaks at work tonight :) At least it will save me some time tomorrow!!

Have a great day all i really have to go do something!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Need imput :)

Well i finally took a tub of fat free plain yogurt with all kinds of bacteria in it for my tummy!! Now what do i do with it?? I put a dob on my pancakes this morning and drizzled a little agave on it and yummy!!

It is the consisitency now of cream cheese, so what do i do?? I know i can put it on my oatmeal etc but are there any other ways to put it to use? Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Yep it's winter

Do you remember city hall??

Well now it's a skating rink!!
And we've got a lot of these things all over downtown :-)

Yes it's definitely winter!! And i have to get in the groove of going out in the cold ;) I'm not quite ready for this.


Oh and to all my American friends and anyone else celebrating Thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh my!!

I feel old today ;) Well not really, but my youngest turns 21 today!! Happy birthday "A"

However just when i was deeply thinking about that there was a knock on my door and the postman had a parcel for me!!

This week i've had 3 parcels in a row. How lucky am i??

Monday someone sent me 3 awesome books to keep me motivated and busy for a while, yesterday some who knew i was a little in the dumps because of my daughter leaving sent me a beautiful card and a necklace, and today the prize i won from another blogger came :) Thanks Betty!!

So i'm sitting here drinking a mate and loving it :)

Hope everyone's having a great day!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Husband update since heart attack!!

Well my hubs had his second bloodwork done last week and we got the results, it's awesome!!

Total cholesterol
Target level-less than 4.0
Last blood test-7.3
This blood test-3.42

LDL-bad cholesterol
Target level-more than less than 2.0
Last blood test-3.06
This blood test-2.08

HDL-good cholesterol
Target level-more than 1.1
Last blood test-.76
This blood test-.88

Target level- less than 1.7
Last blood test-3.87
This blood test-1.01

And when he came out of hospital he weighed 200 lbs and as of this morning he's at 181.8 :)

Pictures :)

We had a blast!! Lot's of fun had by all :-)

Fun, fun, fun

Today i've organized a craft afternoon where we will be painting christmas tree ornaments that they can take home and making bows they can use on gifts!! Should be lots of fun and of course pictures will follow :-)

Of course i couldn't do that without sustenance :)

No, no not that!! :-)

That's more like it :)

My exercise today is mainly house related. I've had to start stripping my kitchen floor because i just couldn't get it to look clean!!!! And that's on my hands and knees so you know i'm burning me some calories :)

Tonight?? I'm relaxing after inhaling a big bowl of homemade split pea soup and bread because tomorrow i have a last x-mas dinner planning meeting and then a board of directors meeting!! Oh my i know i need to slow down, because this is actually my "weekend" and wednesday i'm back to work!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly weigh in and goal update!!

Well this was a fantastic week and not just because i lost weight!! I exercised and loved it and i'm feeling strong :) I'm enjoying my food and i don't have cravings. I'm also satisfied with what and how much i'm eating.

So this week i'm down -2.2 bringing me to.....132.8 and my goal of 125 is getting so close i can taste it :)

So this was last weeks goals:

This weeks goals:

1. exercise at least 5 days again this week!- managed to exercise 6 days this week!!

2. stop second guessing myself!-i'm doing better at this one :)

3. focus on my main words for this week disicpline and consistency.-i have definitely focused on this and it's paid off!!

4. get some weight training in!! I'm doing weights and lovin' it!!

5. relax and enjoy life :-)-much more this week, in fact people are commenting that i seem a lot more like my normal self this week. Oh and i'm sure talking to my daughter on the computer and seeing how relaxed she's looking helped!!

This weeks goals:

1. I love the discipline and consistency words and i'm applying them again this week :)

2. Do some more weight training and one of these days get a weekly program worked out!!

3. Exercise at least 5 days!!

4. Keep making my food interesting, that way i'm not looking for anything else.

5. HAVE FUN!! The most important thing of all :0)

And i'm off on another great week!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pictures :)

Remember this table?? :0)

And did someone lose something??

Brrrrrr -9 celcius this morning!!

the last photo is the hill at the very end of my walk :) I fee the burn and i'm only half way up here!!

Wishy washy

that's how i feel this morning!! I need to go for a walk, actually i almost want to go but i'm cold, tired and generally blah!! Oh what to do, what to do :0)

Actually since i made a special effort to get up a little early so i can go for a walk before work i know i will end up doing it! But i have to fight that, just go back to bed feeling sometimes ;) I'm definitely not perfect.

Actually talking about exercise, i've had it in the back of my mind that i may be able to up the intensity of my walks or start to run once my leg gets fixed. I'm sooo looking forward to it. It really aches some days!!

For those who don't know i've been getting a really sore stiff right calve and my right foot gets pins and needles and goes numb when i'm walking. Checked it out and my artery in between my groin/pelvis is blocked so i'm not getting enough blood supply to the leg. So in January (i hope) i'm getting an angioplasty done and a stent put in so i should be back to normal then :)

On a different topic, i woke up and felt downright skinny today :) I love days when that happens especially if it could keep going till tomorrow which is my weekly weigh in day!!

O.k enough, i'm going to go get dressed to go out on this freeeeeeezing cooooold morning!! Pictures may follow :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Must be doing something right

got up this morning my legs are aching and i know whenever i'm using any muscle in either of them. My arms are aching and i can tell you precisely where my triceps are ;) Yep workouts must be doing something this week!! I've been adding a bit extra here and there, a few pushups, taking the stairs two at a time. When stading at work i've been doing calve raises. All these bits i guess add up ;) who knew??
So today began with this:

And then i'm off to the grocery store to pick up a few things to tide me over the weekend. (update: just got back from the store and Daughter was on skype so we did a video skype talk, she looks awesome and so relaxed and happy!!)

Then it's lunch and get ready for work!! Tonight will be a busy one :0) That's o.k less time to stand around and eat the donuts ;)
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let it snow. let it snow, let it snow

and snow it did!! And snow and snow :) In fact last night at work we are all watching it come down and i'm getting really excited because i'm going to got for a walk in it today and everyone kept telling me how crazy i am!! But you know what, you see these pictures, and it's all worth it :) (Especially the bunny tracks:)

And to get me all fired up to go out i had this today: Kashi honey almond flax, fibre one, bran buds, soy milk and banana ;) What more does a girl need??

How is the food thing going lately?? Really well, i've pretty much been sticking to approx 1,200 calories or 21 points give or take and eating clean. And the result is i'm much less stressed and feeling good!! Sometimes i just try to figure things out too much! For now not worrying too much about #'s of protein etc is working for me.

And exercise?? Is great!! I'm getting my walking it, i'm doing weights and i'm feeling strong. Now if only i could come up with a weekly weights workout plan all would be even better!! Any ideas??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


O.k. my hubby has gone mad :-) He decided to try to cheer me up after my daughter left by surprising me with this!! Sorry about the blur :)

You get the idea. And actually it did make me smile ;) So i guess he had the right idea!!

Today is going to be spent cleaning until i have to go to work. Fun, right??

But not until i've eaten brekkie and had my cup o' tea :)

Not outdoor photo's today because i'm doing a weight routine!! Got to build those muscles, you know :)
Here's to another great day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pictures :-) Holland!!

Daughter just sent these, it is just outside her front door :)

And of course from my walk :) which it was starting to snow again on my way home!!

Another busy day!

This morning i'm off to buy crafts for a craft afternoon we are doing where i volunteer. We are going to paint christmas ornaments that they can take home :)

But first i had me some oats! And not just any oats but chocolate, banana, peanut butter oats :)

Then i have an editorial meeting for the newsletter!!

Then i have to finish stuffing envelopes that i didn't finish yesterday :)

Oh and did i tell you i was slowing down in the new year?? lol

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, monday.....

This morning i'm off to help stuff envelopes with invitations to our walk in the park to see the lights and hot chocolate after! But not until i've eaten my protein pancakes with pear in it.

Just to make my life interesting there's a snowsquall warning out :) And this is what i woke up to!!

Then i meet up with my walking group and i get day #2 of exercise in :-) And of course some photo's.

And remember city hall?? Well the fountain is now being turned into an ice rink :-)

And tonight we are having soy "chicken" burgers! Let you know what we think of them :) (they were awesome and we will be having them again)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 minutes after work.....

I was on my walk :-) Exercise day 1/5

Hang on little guy!!