Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eat when hungry!!

Well this whole thing about eating when hungry is easier said than done!! I ate my breakfast this morning at 9 because it's my day off of work and i work evening shift so i sleep in a bit :) Now it's 1:30 and i'm still not hungry!!

Now i do have my lunch ready for when i'm hungry as i don't want to turn into a raving lunatic and start eating everything in my cupboards!! And there not much there :)

I think i'll give it till 2 then i'm going to eat only because i would like to be hungry for my dinner at a reasonable time.

This listening to my body is very interesting i tell ya :)

Oh the other thing i've been doing today is experimenting with my water!! I've heard of people putting cucumber slices in with mint and i thought i'd try some new things. So today i've had cucumber slices with fresh basil, a couple of strawberries slices with a wedge of lime and really they're pretty good :)

Ah ha maybe that's why i'm not hungry, i've had six glasses of water!! 


  1. I never thought to add something like that to my water. Nice idea!

  2. I try not to eat if I'm not hungry, but I also don't mess with my mealtimes because I know if I do, I end up eating the cupboards at night.

  3. Hello. Thanks for asking about the oj for my recipe (or else I wouldn't have known I forgot to list it). It is 1/2 a cup! :) Also, nice blog!