Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How did day one go??

Well i have to say that after eating clean, the way i had planned yesterday i have had no cravings!! I do find green tea and other things interesting (odd) without sweetner, but not so bad that i can't drink them! Oh and i had a glass of wine last night, but i don't consider that a big deal as it's something the hubs and i like once a week or so :) Hey a girl has to have some vices!!

I find trying to plan meals a little harder because i'm so used to doing it differently. But that's not something i can't get used to. I may just go meal by meal until i know what i'll be doing for sure.

I do find it strange to plan a meal around vegetables and protein and not tring to add a carb to it :)

The real test will be when i'm at work tonight around all that sugar and see how my cravings are then!

Oh and it's -23 celcius here without the windchill!!! Brrrrrr.......


  1. That's great you are trying the 'eat clean' way of eating. It's really just eliminating processed foods, sugars... all the junk our body does not need!! I'm enjoying it and yeah.. at first I didn't know what to cook.. but it's getting better. I also do ad a carb.. as long as its whole grain.. I think carbs are ok as long as you don't go over board!

    green tee without sugar is still odd to me...I may have to try a flavored green tea (mint green tea.. yum!)

  2. Don't you just love the weather? It's -31 here without the wind chill. I don't want to even know what it is with that factored in!

    Eating clean really is the way to go. Our bodies aren't meant to process all of these chemicals and preservs.

    I do agree with Mel though, Green Tea without sugar is a toughy!

  3. hahahahaha it's +5 here (all the canals are melting again).
    But with the warm comes the rain :(

    We had our first Dutch lesson on Tuesday (Went pretty good). We are going out for coffee after dinner tonight so we can do our 'homework' and practise our dutch...haha
    And then we have another class tomorrow.
    And this weekend we should finally be getting a bike :D

    Oh Def get flavoured green teas! Jasmine is my favourite!

  4. Good for you trying the clean way! It will get easier after a few meals. You can have brown rice or baked sweet potatoes. Quinoa is really good, too. You can use it in place of rice for stuffed peppers, etc. :)

  5. I like a splash of milk in my Green's the English way ;)

    It's darn tooting cold here too!!!

  6. Its so good that you are just taking it in stride and allowing that its going to take time to get used to. Its true that new habits are HARD to form!

    Good luck!!

  7. I'm quite a fan of mango ceylon tea- it's black tea with mango in it, and it tastes quite sweet to me...

    If you have a panera bread in canada (do you?), they often have that flavor of tea. Or, if you comment with your address in my LJ, I can mail you a few tea bags... :-)

  8. OMG, -23????? Where do you live??!

  9. Hang in with the cold weather!
    I love tea without sweeteners. LOL.

  10. it's cold here too......15 degrees F with a windchill of -2. Not going out........not even for a second!

    I'm glad the clean eating is helping. Getting used to things without sweetness takes time.

    I think wine in moderation can be a good thing! The last time I hit a plateau, I had a glass of wine and was down 2 lbs the next day ;) Even on the Zone diet, a 4 ounce glass of wine with an ounce of soft cheese is suggested as a bedtime snack :)

  11. It got up to 9 degrees F here today, Sounds like you are doing good with your plan.

  12. I drink mint green tea when I want a less bitter taste.
    I think sweeteners keep us hooked on the sugar taste.
    You def can have whole grain carbs but maybe try just once or twice a day & keep the portion to 1/2 cup.
    Me? the carby carbs sit on my butt :) so I don't eat more than one serving per day.
    whole wheat wraps are ok, too, so you can still have your delish pizza :)

  13. Thanks for letting me know that I'm 62 inches tall. I feel better knowing I can have another inch around my middle.

    I'm proud of you with eatting clean. I know how hard that is.

  14. Congrats on no sweeteners. Eating clean is also one of my goals. That sweetener stuff is a killer to cut out. I admire that you don't drink soda. That is my biggest challenge!