Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pretty proud :)

I have to say that this week i actually surprised myself!!

You see what with paying bills and christmas i found my self a little short of money this week, and i don't get paid till friday. So my plan was to not worry about what i was eating, but just to use up what was in the house. Sounds good.

Then i sat and thought about this for a while. I have lots of frozen veggies, frozen lean meats etc. I think i may be able to use up what i have and still stay on plan :) So i did what i always do i got out a pencil and paper and sat down and wrote what i have and i started to plan meals around it.

Now it's not as fruit heavy or fresh vegetable heavy as i usually do, and it's a little higher in carbs some times but it's pretty healthy!! So for the last three days i've stayed on plan and only two more daysto go and i can go buy a pile of fresh produce :) Oh and did i mention the scale is down?? GO TEAM ANGIE :)

Oh and is anyone else getting annoying comments left by people wanting your link info????  :(


  1. FYI: I finally tried to strain my yogurt yesterday. I saw it on your blog a while back and was told over the weekend that it tastes a lot like Greek yogurt when strained. Greek yogurt is more rich, thicker and creamer. I'm hoping to be a little successful because I refuse to pay more than triple for Greek yogurt.

  2. I'm trying to do this very thing right now. lol We are going out of town on Sat. and I refuse to buy more food and let it sit in a fridge for a week.
    Good job on losing some more!

  3. GO YOU for being resourceful.
    Im always amazed at what I have and can create when I think there is NOTHING here.

    downward scale to boot? great day.


  4. woo-hoo..........spunky and smart.....what a combo!

    No annoying comments on my blog at the moment:)

  5. Glad your being creative with your food, and congrats on the WI being down!

  6. Wanting your link info? What does that mean? -lol-

    Anyways, great job with meal planning!

  7. Only good comments so far. :)

    Great for you! I should do that after my stocking up during the December snows.

  8. Nope, no linking here either.

    Good idea, Suzi! I have a freezer full of food so I don't know why I keep buying more & more food. Your suggestion just saved me a trip to the grocery store & money!
    I knew there were good reasons I like you!!!

    Congrats on the downward weight trend! Yahoo!

  9. Way to go! Frugal and fabulous!!!