Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week is over!

I have never been so glad to see a week end!! I've had a muffin in a bag thrown back at me and i've had customers from  hell this week. I've been dissed i don't know how many times and if my happiness was based on work i may as well give up now :) Glad it isn't and i'm still spunkysuzi!!

Honestly i've been working on my stess levels only my customers just weren't co-operating!!

Oh and to top it some water pipes burst leaving us with no water for a few hours.

However, now i have a few days in a row off :) And i plan on relaxing and taking some me time.

Now if it would just warm up i'd be a happy customer!!

Have a great weekend all my friends :) Just think it could be worse, people could be throwing things at you!!


  1. oh my! Why did the customer throw the muffin back?

    We are supposed to have warmer weather today and tomorrow so I plan on getting outdoors for a walk....will think of you and send you some warmer temps ;)

  2. I really have a respect for those that work in retail and food service places. I have never had to deal with the "public" and their rudeness in the work place. Hope you enjoy your weekend and have a better week next week!

  3. Oh's definitely something in the air as I've had a angry customer (I don't get them where I work...this is my first in almost 2 years) and my electric went out this morning.

    Hey...the only thing though ...there is only one way to go..BETTER!

  4. Hearing that this happened to you really pisses me off. You so don't deserve to be treated like that!
    OK. Here's my Tim's story.
    When I was 19 I worked at Tim's.
    I ended my career with the donuts after I threw a donut at a customer. A jelly filled donut with powder. SPLAT!
    I've never regretted it :)
    My hat's off to anybody that can put up with other people's idiotic shit day after day!!!!
    I wish people would realize that people working in the service industry are not anonymous punching bags to be abused when they're having a bad day or life.
    Chin up, Suzi!!!
    Try to let their shit go and have a great, relaxing weekend!!!!
    I love you and we all love you!
    We know the special person that you are! Remember that!

  5. A muffin in a bag thrown at you? Eeekk! But glad you are still chirpy! Happy weekend!

  6. Ugh!! Sorry to hear your costumers were so grumpy. I think bad weather makes people unhappy, I know it did that with Craig. Hopefully next week will be better :-)

  7. I'm with ya there, my week wasn't too fun either...but I didn't get anything thrown at me!

    Btw, my gadgets finally showed up...don't know what was going on there! :)

  8. Wow! I'd be fired for throwing the muffin back. LOL

  9. Terrible, I'm glad that you are taking it in stride. There is no helping some people anymore, they have no perspective if the world is ending over a bloody muffin so badly that they need to throw it at someone. My gawd!

    Keep your chip up!! Gave you a linky-poo on my blog today. :D