Friday, January 23, 2009

Today is a busy one!!

I had to get up early to go to the cardiologist which i will update on here later :) I need to take the bus there and back.

Get home, get lunch and get ready for work!!

As far as the eating healthy goes, it's working so far. My craving have calmed down a bit and i'm satisfied!! I really enjoyed reading this post last night. I never quite stopped and thought of all the little habits i've changed that add up, even when i'm not having the most spectacular day eating i'm still doing great :) 

I have to try to remember that i don't have to be off my eating plan or on my eating plan, i just have to do the best that i can!!


  1. You got it!!! Make the better choices!!! Have a good day!

  2. Your right, just do the best you can! Your doing great!

  3. That is some great news about your cravings. :o ) I'm glad that this new way of eating is working for you!

  4. And you are doing great! I hope you hear good things from the doc.

  5. Oh, ha, I just noticed that link is to my blog! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)