Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is day one

Today i'm starting my slightly different eating plan. It includes snacks :) And of course, lots of healthy food!!

It will be interesting to see how my hunger is!

And especially interesting to see if it helps with my cravings, which have been bothering me more lately.

Thanks for the great compliments yesterday, i really appreciate each and everyone of them :) I also got lots of compliments at the meeting i went to!

I'm a little stressed this week (which could also be bringing on the cravings),  i will be so glad to go to the dr's tomorrow to see when i'm going to have my operation!!

Today for my exercise i'm going to do a walk away the pounds dvd, every now and then i really want to do this one :) I suppose you could say this is a good craving!

Have you planned any exercise today?? I love getting new ideas or dvd titles from other people.


  1. Great idea including some snacks! I bet that will help keep your hunger more stabilized. I've been beefing up my breakfast and am finding that I'm not as snacky in the afternoon!

    I used to do the walk away dvd's all the time. Funny, I forgot about those!

  2. I did a 2 mile WATP dvd this morning. I like WATP dvds; I think of them as aerobics for the uncoordinated, like me ;)

  3. TurboJam is a GREAT Dvd. Its the DVD version of the Turbokick class I teach. Its A TON of fun and the lady who teaches it is very motivating :)

  4. I have been craving these days too - ugh!

    Snacks are good! I couldn't go without snacks (=

  5. I plan on doing the treadmill or a Step DVD.

  6. Good luck with the new eating, interested in how that will go!

    As for me, today I plan to do what I noramlly do (when I workout) which is 45-60 minutes of cardio (stepping in place with arm motions, stepping laterally bvack and forth with arm motions, and jogging in place with shadow boxing...all which watching BL episodes or other TV shows.

    Have a great one!

  7. Eating throughout the day and spreading those calories out seems to help me a lot. I do much better if I don't let myself get too hungry.

    I did Crunch: Pilates Yoga blend today with a Biggest Loser Power Sculpt chaser. I also love Hip Hop Dance Party. I love anything dancey. :)

  8. I'm mall walking. I need to step it up but just doing have the urge. I have a Ty Chi for weight loss DVD that looks easy but isn't. I need to find where I put it and try it again since I'm some smaller now.

  9. I love my snacks and they help get me through the day. I have been eating grapes and bananas today.

  10. I love my snacks too! I notice I go through phases of snacks. Sometimes I will eat cottage cheese for weeks, then I go to banana's & apples. Next, I may eat triscuts for 17 days. drama queen, I know but I love me some snacks!