Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is the most stressful day of my week!!

Indeed it is!! 

It's Friday, at work it's usually all young people i'm working with :) That's not the stressful part, actually i usually have fun working with them!!

What is stressful is the fact that someone usually phones in sick so i'm short people, and i'm already short people as they are cutting back on staffing anyway!! And we are mucho busy, crazy busy. Sometimes my break is a lot later than usual because of this.

Which comes to my point. Yep, i had one :) So friday's are usually the day, if i'm going to binge it would probably be then. What to do??

1. Well recognize that this is a hard day of the week for me! Indeed i do.
2. Have a plan. I'm taking a healthy filling dinner to work so that i know i won't be hungry there.
3. Take my camera so that if i do have a melt down, know that i'm going to be honest and  will blog the truth!! That, right there,  is what usually stops me :)

Who really wants to go home and put on their blog that they had x amount of donuts and the only evidence left is the pictures, the sugar on your face, not to mention the war going on in your stomach??

So for today i know i will be o.k, because i know come tomorrow there will be comments asking me how i did :) And i cannot lie!!


  1. That is a very very good plan :)

  2. OMG! The camera thing is a great idea! But you'll be okay. Stay strong!

  3. I agree, love the camera idea. Hope the day turns out to be less stressful than expected for you.

  4. That is a very good idea to take your camera! You are amazing that you can work in a donut shop and stay sane. LOL

  5. Good idea to take your camera. Make yourself take a picture of the evidence...before and after!! Forcing you to look at it over and over again!

    That said...I hope that your day goes well!

  6. That's the idea of my blog, if I do go astray, still blog it and remember how I felt and why I went astray. Also knowing people read my blog and will know what I've done.

  7. You can do it!!

    Something I try - 1) read the nutritional stats first - that often gets me to put something down; and 2) think and concentrate on how I will feel if I eat that vs. if I don't.

    Both of these work more often than not for me.

  8. Plan plan plan....Take quick easy snacks with you so that you don't have the donuts that will satisfy you...pre-cut fruit, veggies, cheese strings, etc.

    This way you can "control" your binge.

    The camera is a great idea as well, although coming from another binger....I usually "forget" to take pics if I am off much for accountability right?

    Best thing to do is stay in control and accept that bingeing is not an option :)

    Good luck!

  9. Yea! I love the preperation to avoid the binge. I love the awareness you have of the stress the day traditional brings, and I love the planning your do to avoid it. That is a text book step by step guide for success. WELL DONE!!!

  10. you can do eeet!!!

    eat the hole - not the donut!

  11. Excellent plan! It's hard to cope with all that damn stress in your work environment. I fully salute you on your daily victories!

  12. That is such a great plan and keeping yourself accountable too. Good luck!

  13. You have to deal with one of the greatest temptations most of us have...EVERYDAY!
    Gotta have a plan, Stan....great work!
    LOL..Tamzin's eat the hole not the donut :)

  14. Yea, you don't want to report that you ate donuts, because then the rest of us will think its ok for us to eat donuts and then... do you see the big mess and weight gain problem it could lead to!

  15. great thinking the way I love the new blog look :)

  16. Hi there fellow A-Teamer. I'm a stress eater too. At least you are able to identify and have a plan in place. Good luck during the BLBE challenge.

  17. *sigh* if I had a dime everytime I told someone to "eat the hole" I'd be a really rich woman!



  18. I would have a hard time working that close to temptation - good for you for being able to control that!

    I hope you did really well last night!