Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maybe i'm getting stronger??

Then again maybe not!! I did the 30 day shred again today and it kicked my butt once again :) One of these days i'll finish it and i will have kicked it's butt!! Not be a quivering mess.

I was perusing the blogs this morning and i was interested in seeing all these smoothies out there, you know the ones made with spinach or kale and fruit. Now if i just had a half decent blender i think i'd give them a go :) Maybe with my income tax rebate! I just don't know whether they would fill you up the same way as if you'd eaten the same things?? Anyone out there have these?? What is your opinion on them??

Work this week is the same old, which isn't necessarily bad :) Really enjoy working with the kids that i work with they definitely make the day go fast sometimes! Where i work is coming out with new donuts soon and lattes i hear. Just something else to stay away from.

And how is your weekend going?? I hear a lot of people are sick, hope you are all feeling better soon.


  1. I prefer chewing my food, so no advice on the smooties. :)

  2. I am so impressed you are doing the 30-day shred! I love Jillian!

  3. Way to go on doing the 30 day shred. I don't have that workout but maybe one day I'll get it.

    It's funny you ask about those green smoothies. I have seen them too and thought about making one. BUT tonight we went to the grocery store and I bought a Green Goddess smoothie with all those ingredients (fruits, spinach, broccoli, etc.) and there is no way I would drink it again. I am going to make myself drink this since it was almost $4 but I won't be making any green smoothies anytime soon. Just regular fruit or peanut butter smoothies for me thank you.

    Weekend is good except I got overheated in spin class this morning and have been sick all day from that so pretty much a day of rest. Hope to sleep well tonight to go back to another spin class tomorrow morning.

    Hope you have a happy Sunday!