Sunday, February 1, 2009

My weekly weigh in a goal update

Well this week my weight was definitely a roller coaster!! I was up as much as 2.4 lbs in the middle of the week and there was no major reason that i could see for it :) But i just kept on keeping on track and yep it finally came down. 

So this morning the scale showed a loss of -1.2 bringing my weight to 132.2  and a total loss of 42.2 with 7.2 pounds left to go :)

Last weeks goal update:

1. Try to get more exercise in.-i totally failed at doing this!! I've been feeling totally physically exhausted this week and my leg is bothering me . But this is not an excuse i could still have gone for walks even if they were shorter!!

2. Think of the positive changes i'm making daily.-this one i did everyday and made some pretty awesome lists of things i'm doing to help myself with this journey, and everyday it's becoming more of a get healthy journey than to just lose weight!!

3. Drink my water.-Did this everyday without fail :)

4. Take time with my husband and relax!!!!!!-This one i also accomplished :) And will do more of!!

This weeks goals:

1.Definitely would like to get more exercise in!! Tomorrow i will be joining my walking group (had to miss it last week) so that will be a good first step.

2. Really stop and appreciate the journey i'm in and how far i've already come. Sometimes i take it for granted.

3. Try to get a little more organized this week :)

4. Learn more yoga poses.


  1. Wow, great job Suzi!

    I love how you are taking the time to set goals and reflect on them! Awesome!

  2. Awesome!!

    And your goals are great!! Keep it great you're so close to your goal!!!

  3. Great job on the loss and the work on the goals!

  4. Congrats on the nice loss, you do so well with setting great goals!

  5. Good job!!
    Doing really good at keeping your goals. Way to go!!

  6. Great job Suzi! I hope you feel better and it's easier for you to get your walks in!!! :)

  7. Overall, great job! And great goals for this week!

  8. What a great loss! Glad you were able to make positive changes and spend time with your husband. I love how you go back to the previous weeks goals.

  9. You are doing great! I love how you post and report on your goals. Great idea!

  10. Great job! You are so close to goal!!!