Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not too surprising!

Since a bagel and a maple pecan danish found their way to my stomach last night my weigh in this morning was up! Big surprise there :) 

So this morning my scale was up +1.4 bringing me to 133.6 :(  You know what though, i'm not going to get down about this! I'm only human and i'm probably going to have that again sometime. As long as i'm on program 90% of the time i'm absolutely happy with it! 

Last weeks goals:

1.Definitely would like to get more exercise in!! Tomorrow i will be joining my walking group (had to miss it last week) so that will be a good first step.-really happy with my exercise this week

2. Really stop and appreciate the journey i'm in and how far i've already come. Sometimes i take it for granted.-i've tried to do this

3. Try to get a little more organized this week :)-This i've definitely worked on, i can't believe how far i've come in the house!

4. Learn more yoga poses.-Well i'm still basically working still working on a few basics

This weeks goals:
1. I've really been stressing about being so close to goal and not getting there. This week i want to relax my thinking about that! I think stress will just keep me over eating and then i'll never get there! So laid back i will be :)

2. Keep the house up! I've cleaned and organized, now i want to keep it that way :)

3. Would like to play around with make up a bit this week. Yep i'm going all girlie!!

4. Exercise :)


  1. good attitude! I have to keep reminding myself that even though weight loss is my goal, the bigger goal here is good health and if I'm on that path most of the can only be a good thing!

  2. Those darn danishes! :)

    Good luck with the weekly goals.

  3. Great attitude, I ate out twice yesterday and altho when I walked in the resturant for dinner knowing I was going to have a salad.... I had a half rack of ribs and a baked sweet potato with a small salad.

  4. Great outlook for next week, keep it going :)

  5. I love your attitude! You are so close and are still working at it. I need to learn from you!!

  6. Don't worry about your gain, it happens.

    I love your goals and think you will keep on track next week.

    Nice attitude!!

  7. I think you're at the hardest part of the journey. You're so close to your goal and the last few pounds are so darn stubborn.

    You've got a great attitude so I have no doubt you're going to make it to goal.

    Maybe amp up the exercise a little, mess with your metabolism a bit. That might help get the last little bit off.

    But you're doing fantastic!

  8. I have been struggling with a gain of over 5 lbs during Xmas and have dropped 3 of those. Still l6 from goal but working toward it and using the WW etools this time that helps me keep track and be accountable. Last week attended BD party and wound up with 46 pts for the day, had to really tighten up. \
    The shakes are good when you splurge to get you back on track but not filling enough for me in general.
    Usually breakfast and lunch for one day is all I will try. Thanks for all you reporting on the blog, gives me inspiration. Keep it up. Linda

  9. How does this food end up in our bellies??? tee hee hee

    Girl, you are kicking tail on the exercise front! Way to go!