Thursday, February 19, 2009

Positive things this week :)

I was reading this post and it inspired me to think of some postive things that i've done this week!

I went walking in the mall with a friend, then i had her drop me off at the library so i could get even more exercise in today.

I asked for help with how to get more veggies into my daily eating and i got some great answers, in fact it helped me to think outside of the box for dinner and i ended up making green beans with a dijon/sf maple syrup sauce that was awesome!!

I've been listening to my body more this week and it's worked. I'm not as hungry, i eat when i am hungry, i stop when i'm satisfied.

I took some extra time to try something different with my hair which made me feel good :)

I drank blueberry green tea which was awesome!

I feel really good about what i'm doing and where i am in this journey. And i have absolutely no doubt that i'll get to goal.


  1. I LOVE your attitude! You are bound to succeed!

    We need pics of the new hairdo. :)

  2. Well done for all your hard work this week! Fun post.

  3. Great list of POSITIVE things!!

    You are such an inspiration! You work SOOOO hard :)

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  4. what color REALLY is Blueberry Green Tea????? tee hee heee

    Ok, loved your post, but decided to be silly! :-)

  5. mmmmm blueberry green tea sounds YUMMY!!

  6. No doubt you'll get to your goal and be sooooo healthy!

    I'm going to look for some blueberry green tea...

  7. Sounds like a GREAT week! Congrats!!!

  8. No doubt in our minds that you will get to your goal!!!!

  9. Love the great attitude. I don't doubt that you will reach your goals.

  10. I adore the listening to your body one. I was reflecting last night as I put my daughter in her bed how I need more stillness right now.

    more quiet.

    more listening to whats doing on inside.

  11. I love your positive list! You rock!

  12. Your positive attitude rocks!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by. It feels so good to enjoy the journey.

    While I was feeding the baby, I was reading my Jan/Feb WW mag and it had a blurb about being positive.

    It said that we ususally have at least one friend that we like to whine to about be negative about things. I know I do. It said that instead of making us feel better it actually does the opposite according to research. Another reason to be positive.