Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday February 14, 2009

Happly Valentines Day fellow bloggers!

This is what i found the minute i got to work yesterday :)

Today i made some little egg muffins for breakfast, first time i've tried them and they were good!!
I just put 3 egg whites, 2 pieces of chopped up back bacon, some green pepper and mushrooms and onions in muffins cups along with some seasoning and voila :) I think i may make some more of these and have them in the fridge/freezer this week!

Not much exciting happening around here today, just off to work later, hope everyone has an awesome Valentines Day :)


  1. That stuff you saw when you went to work, would not have bothered me.. I cant stand those little heart thingys~~~ your egg muffins look yummy tho!

  2. I would take the egg muffins over the candy any day :)

  3. Those egg muffins look delicious! Much better than the candy.

    Just caught up a bit here - I LOVE the stick with the reflector in it for your hat! LOL.

  4. Those egg muffins look delish!!
    I must try that.

    The candy would not have tempted me and hopefully it was not too bad for you.

  5. Happy V-day! Even though the conversation hearts really are not that good... there is just something about them. Must be a seasonal thing. kind of like peeps.

  6. Mmmm...the egg muffins look marvelous!