Monday, February 9, 2009


Got up early this morning, checked the scale and i'm back down to where i was!! Now why wasn't i there yesterday for weigh in :)

Put a beef stew in the crockpot as i'll be gone most of the day today!

First i have an interview to join up for the yoga, walking, y membership thing :)
Then i have a council meeting of which i'm the chairperson so i can't very well miss that!
After that i'm off to meet my walking group and hopefully take some pictures along the way.
Then i need to go to the tanning place for my skin.
Oh and i take a bus everywhere so there's my entire day until about 4:00 :) Hopefully then i'll get home to a nice pot of stew and i'll put my legs up with a glass of wine and we're going to watch the movie The Core tonight.

Of course before i even leave the house i needed to get our lunches ready, laundry done, and dishes washed!! Oh boy i think i'll be burning a few calories today :)

Oh and i downloaded a podcast for couch to 5K. Now because i'm going to the walking group i'm going to listen to it and when i'm supposed to run i'm just going to walk in hyper drive! Should be funny for people watching me :)
Anyway i'll post later with pictures. Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like you have an awesomly busy day! Hope its a fantastic one :) Have fun walking!!

  2. Congrats and have a fantastic day! :)

  3. You should burn those calories today! Busy Busy Busy!!!

  4. with a day like that planned, you'll be blastin' some serious calories!

  5. I just started the c25k program last week.. on days where I just cant push myself to jog.. I walk fast! Have fun with it!

  6. you are always on the gogogogogomove.
    and never a post of IM SOOO FREAKIN TIRED :)

    today you are my rolemodel.

  7. Great photos!
    I need to remember to tak my camera on my walks and take some pics to share. Keep up the good work! Love the new shoes-

  8. the couch to 5K is a great podcast :) I can't wait to start again....btw do you happen to have a tracking number for the package you sent...I STILL haven't received it :(

  9. Hurray for the couch to 5K!
    I'm sure you feel better after your weigh-in today.
    I had a weird weigh-in on Monday too. I gained 2.5 lbs, don't know why? I may weigh in tomorrow to see if it is a water thing. who knows?