Saturday, February 21, 2009


Snuffy will sit for ages staring at the ceiling, unless of course there's food to be had!

I'm back to work today :( Two days but then i have 3 days off!

Yesterday you should have seen me trying to have my lunch. I had packed a container since i knew i would be out. Well that i was, and i ended up trying to eat it in three different places and i never did finish it! Oh well the last time i tried was 3 in the afternoon and i just decided i'd rather wait for dinner.

It looks like i'm going to have a couple of busy weeks :)

I've been asked to do an interview for the newspaper about my experience with the walking group, i've been asked to do an update in front of a large group about what i'm planning for social outings with my volunteer group. I have many meeting coming up as well!! BUT Tuesdays are still mine and for the most part off limit to anything but things for me :) A girls got to have some me time.

Hope everyones having a great weekend! And hopefully better weather than i am :)


  1. You poor thing having to work today. I hope you have a great day and enjoy those three days off. It sounds like you deserve them.

  2. Hope your work day speeds bye for you! Looks like you will be busy!

  3. Cool about the interview. Loved the picture of snuffy, wish I could be entertained that easily lol. hope you have a good day.

  4. What a cute kitty!

    Have a great day at work!

  5. One of my cats is always trying to get through a corner on the stairs ... through the wall. I don't get that. Cats will be cats though.

    Tuesdays are my me days, too! I love Tuesdays.

  6. you must save the nwespaper if it gets printed! And frame it! :)