Friday, February 13, 2009

Tomorrow will not be valentines day :)

Ha ha bet i made you stop with that title :)

Actually I'm working straight through till Monday so hubs and i decided Valentines day will be on Tuesday for us!! I have some fun things planned for him. It will start with little notes around the house that will lead him to some non-food goodies :)

So today is back to work!! I've been in the kitchen all morning cooking stuff for dinners to take to work. It's the only way i can stay on my game plan :) Poor hubs gets up and all he can smell is salmon.

Trying another smoothie today with slightly different ingredients! But it looks the same. I think next time i'll put just blueberries and the green stuff in and see what happens :)
If you want to see the result click here ! Oh and i'm trying this for the first time i'll let you know my opinion.

Other than that not much excitement around here other than having to make a quick run to the grocery store before getting ready for work :)

And what are your plans for this weekend??


  1. Your food always looks so good. Have fun on your Tuesday Valentine's Day. Hope the weekend isn't to long for you with having to work through it.

  2. looks like a wintery weekend so we are staying indoors and snuggling ;)

    Hope you have a great one.......even if you are working!

  3. I love adding blueberries to my smoothies, you can get very creative though. I like the organic energy bar picture, it looks very good and tempting.